All about Multiple Intelligences — a Progress Pre-School Gold Giveaway!

When I was a child, life was pretty straightforward. My mom taught me the usual numbers, letters, and shapes. I went to school at age 4.5 where I started at the Nursery level. We learned to read, write, count, and well… get along with our classmates basically. How good I was in school was determined by the grades I took home and if I had honors.

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway

These days, there are so much more criteria for evaluating a child. There is what you call the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. It’s kind of like saying that there are many different types of intelligences, not just the usual I study, I get a high grade, therefore I’m smart kind of intelligence. The whole idea of multiple intelligences suggests that intelligence is not dominated by a single general ability. It can be differentiated into specific “modalities”:

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway

I will probably bore you if I talk about everything at length. You can read all about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences HERE. What I will talk about is how I’m slowly identifying my own child’s multiple intelligences.

Okay, so for the past few months my daughter has been spending Saturdays at her best friend’s house. Later on we found out she would always play her BFF’s guitar whenever she’s there. Anyhow, she got her own guitar a couple of weeks ago and she has been practicing every single night. She can change chords, use a guitar pick, and even tune her guitar. She’s self-taught. Everything she knows, she learned from the internet. So I guess I can say musicality is one of her multiple intelligences. People with high musical intelligence have good pitch and are able to sing, play instruments, and compose music. At least she has additional career options when she grows up, lol!

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway

My daughter has always liked reading. When she was in the 4th grade, she took home a letter from the school which said her Lexile score was 1300+. A friend told me that is college level. She has a really good vocabulary and her spelling and grammar are excellent.  I’m pretty sure verbal (lingusitic) intelligence is another one of her strengths.

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway

Bodily or kinesthetic intelligence is an area my daughter can improve on. She still doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle and she’s 10 years old. She does like swimming though and she’s pretty good at it.

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway

I believe a child’s multiple intelligences can be nurtured and fostered with proper care, and this involves making sure your child is getting the nutrition he needs — all the vitamins and minerals he or she needs to grow up healthy and smart! When my kids were pre-school age, both of them had a picky eating phase and I was worried they weren’t getting enough nutrients. Thus I gave them growing up milk.

Progress Pre-School Gold Multiple Intelligences Giveaway
Grand Prize: Toys and a Progress Pre-School Gold Gift Pack!

Anyhow here’s the best part… you can win gift packs from Progress Pre-School Gold just by sharing with us about your child’s multiple intelligences! There will be 3 winners — 1 grand prize winner will get the toys above in addition to a Progress Pre-School Gold gift pack while 2 consolation prize winners will each get a Progress Pre-School Gold gift pack.

That’s it! Contest will end a week from today (March 23, 2015) — I will announce the winners a day after the deadline! This giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents with kids 3-7 years old, prizes will be shipped by the sponsor to those with Metro Manila addresses.

Congratulations to the following winners:

  • Grand Prize: Maureen Tuazon
  • Runner-Up Prizes: Tina Elaine Resuello and Edralyn Reyes

Please e-mail me your shipping addresses and contact nos. at animetric(at) Thank you! 😀

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