After the 14-Day Nestle Fitnesse Program and onwards…

Fourteen days have whizzed by so fast. Substituting Nestle Fitnesse for 1-2 of my daily meals has become a habit and I think I’ll be continuously having Nestle Fitnesse for breakfast as I embark on the journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Animetric and Nestle Fitnesse

My breakfast daily now consists of 30g Nestle Fitnesse (original variant), 1/2 cup of milk, 1 banana (if we have it at home) and a cup of coffee (sometimes). I have breakfast at around 6:45am since I drive the kids to school every morning and if I have the cereal, milk, banana, and coffee I get hungry around 11am. I plan to keep this up even after the 14-day program. Since our lunch break at the office is at 12nn, I guess it’s best to have a mid-morning snack. But I’m just too busy during the morning hours so I usually don’t have any. Snacking on fresh fruits or a cup of yogurt is recommended in between meals.

Animetric at an event

How do I decide whether to replace one or two meals with Nestle Fitnesse for the day? For me, it’s determined by my schedule. If I have an event to attend, I replace either lunch or dinner with Nestle Fitnesse so that makes it two meals for the day. The reason for this is there’s usually a lot of food during events, even if it’s not a food event. Breakfast is always the same so that’s pretty automatic.

The downside is, all the pants I bought in Hong Kong a few weeks ago have become loose! Loose as in I can pull them down without unzipping. As I’ve said in a previous post, they were an exact fit when I bought them. I attribute this to the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program because ever since I got home from HK that is all I did differently. I did not work out or have slimming treatments because I wanted to gauge the effect from the dietary makeover alone. Imagine if I incorporate a daily 30-minute stationary bicycle session into the mix! I will surely reach my ideal weight in no time!

Animetric with Amanda Griffin-Jacob

A lot of people have commented that I’ve lost a lot of weight. Of course, the natural follow-up question is, what did I do? I’ve been on this journey since the last quarter of last year when I came to the realization that I was obese and there was no denying it. With acceptance came the determination to change things. I wasn’t ready to resign myself to a life of frumpy fat clothes and being mistaken for a pregnant woman a lot of the time. So I did what I had to… and that involved a change in lifestyle, particularly in how and what I eat. Believe me when I say that killing yourself in the gym won’t give you results if you don’t adjust your food intake accordingly. I’ve been there and I’ve done just that.

Heritage Cuisine at Taal Vista Hotel

Of course this is not to say I don’t enjoy food and indulge. I still do, but if I do, I make sure I do so in moderation. I still eat chocolates (a piece or two after dinner maybe), cakes (I split a slice 2-3 ways with hubby and kids), potato chips (a few pieces here and there while watching TV)… I even drink milk tea (less than once a week, regular size). Yes, overhauling your eating habits doesn’t mean totally depriving yourself of sinfully delicious stuff… it just means eating less of them.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t exercise. You should! It not only helps you burn calories, it also improves your blood circulation among other things. Exercise will definitely make you more healthy. What I’m saying is that food intake and physical activity must go hand-in-hand if you want to see results. You cannot rely purely on just one aspect. It has to be a total lifestyle adjustment so that you don’t keep see-sawing back and forth in terms of weight.

All in all, I’m very happy to have undergone the Nestle Fitnesse 14-Day Program. Try it yourself and shape up to a healthier lifestyle just like what I did! Thank you for reading about my experience! 🙂

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