A new chapter in my life… Make Up For Ever!

Today… May 9, 2011… well, technically yesterday since I’m writing this post at midnight, marks a new chapter in my life.

Sephora Brush Roll

I’ve decided to study make-up.

Sephora Brush RollI’m currently enrolled in a basic personal beauty make-up course which teaches the proper way of applying make-up. As our instructor Ms. Yuki said, we’ll be taught the French Methodology that will have us applying make-up like a pro afterwards. She also said that some of those who finish this course go on to pursue professional make-up artistry. It’s too early to say where I will end up but I’m pretty confident that I will be good at this since it’s something I really love doing.

I remember playing with my aunt’s make-up as a child. The colorful palettes have always been a source of wonder and amazement for me. I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and coloring… but over the years I’ve gotten too busy pursue my childhood hobbies. This time I’ll be using colors and brush strokes on an entirely different canvas — the face.

Sneak peek at my make-up classFor our first session we learned all about applying foundation, contouring, and correction. Wow I actually succeeded in making my dark undereye circles disappear completely! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’d know that dark undereye circles have always been one of my major problems. Anyways, this is just a preview, I will definitely blog about my entire make-up journey after the course is over. For more info, check this out – http://www.maquillageprofessionnel.com.ph/programs.html

I’m fortunate because Make-Up Forever is providing all the cosmetics we’ll be using. In other schools, you have to bring your own. My classmates are women of different ages and backgrounds too so this should prove to be a very enriching experience in more ways than one.

Wish me luck! 😀

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