A full-blown dinner at The Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Some time ago, I posted a preview of what this small Chinese restaurant called The Cantonese Soup Kitchen has to offer. I promised my dear readers a proper review when I got the chance to have an actual meal there — and that time has finally come.

Sliced Beef Kenchi at The Cantonese Soup KitchenWe started off with Sliced Beef Kenchi (P240, pictured above) for appetizers. The beef is very tender and delicious, I can actually have this with plain rice and be content.

Spinach with 2 Kinds Egg in Hotpot at The Cantonese Soup KitchenNext up was the Spinach with 2 Kinds Egg in Hotpot (P200, pictured above) which the owner Michael Ang recommended. This soupy dish consisted of fresh spinach, century eggs, and regular eggs. It had a clean taste which I felt was reassuring in the sense that I was actually eating something healthy and not MSG-laden.

Yang Chow Fried Rice at The Cantonese Soup KitchenWe had the usual Yang Chow Fried Rice (P170, pictured above) to accompany all our viands. It’s served in a metal wok and can easily feed 3-4 people.

Steamed Fish Fillet with Japanese Tofu at The Cantonese Soup KitchenSteamed Fish Fillet with Japanese Tofu (P230, pictured above) is another recommended dish. Both the fish and the tofu are melt-in-your-mouth soft and flavorful.

Satay Seafood Sotanghon in Hotpot at The Cantonese Soup KitchenMy dinner companions decided to be adventurous and ordered Satay Seafood Sotanghon in Hotpot (P250, pictured above). It was practically boiling when it was laid down our table. The seafood sotanghon had a slightly spicy curry-like flavor and was generously topped with squid, shrimp, and fish. The taste reminded me of the crab sotanghon that’s served in lauriats. Pretty good though, I wouldn’t mind ordering it again next time.

Almond Fish Gelatin at The Cantonese Soup KitchenFor dessert, we decided to try the Almond Fish Gelatin (P80, pictured above). It looked too cute to eat, really. Initially, no one wanted to take a slice at it. Despite being milky and creamy looking though, it was actually rather bland and tasteless. There’s the strong scent of almond essence but that’s about it. I was however, totally addicted to their Fresh Pear with Lemon Blend (P65, not pictured here) drink. Icy and refreshing, I’ll take it over dessert any day.

The Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City
Since The Cantonese Soup Kitchen is always teeming with patrons and it’s hard to get a seat during meal times, they’re opening a bigger branch this coming April 2010. Will keep you posted. 😀
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