A belated birthday post… this time it’s for real!

Yesterday, I turned 36. The day night before that, I attended my high school class reunion. It was 19 years after we graduated from high school and it was the first time we got together.

GCHS Yearbook 1991More than half the class showed up. One of our classmates scanned our section’s yearbook pages so it could be used in the AVP that was made for the occasion. I was so surprised to read that I was actually the Literary Editor of the Grace Journal (our school paper) and Senior Vice-President of the Art Club. I honestly couldn’t remember.

The funny thing is, our class reunion was inspired by a Facebook post. Someone posted our 4th year high school class picture on FB, tagged everyone, and well… the rest as they say is history.

GCHS HS 4-2 Class ReunionI was really very happy to see all my classmates. All of us had aged but none of us had really changed. Some even flew in from the province. I felt I was in the classroom all over again amidst the name chanting and taunts of “Kiss! Kiss!” (never mind if the people being taunted were both boys or both girls). That was just how we were back in high school. Most of us are now married with kids. One of us even became the mayor of a city. In everyone’s eyes though, we were just good old class 4-2 from Grace Christian High School.

I can’t really think of a better way to spend my birthday (sort of… well, pre-birthday) than with friends that I grew up with over two decades ago. The evening was filled with laughter, merriment, and nostalgia. It certainly made me hanker for those carefree days when all I had to worry about was how to style my bangs and what tests we had for the day.
To my readers, I promised you a beauty giveaway for my birthday and it will push through. I’m just waiting for the prizes from the sponsor. I will be giving away the whole Pond’s Age Miracle line (that’s several products) to one loyal reader who can get the most points from a pop quiz I will be posting about my blog. If you’ve been reading, answering will be a breeze. 😀
One year older, one year wiser I hope. Thank you to everyone who greeted me via email, text, and FB. 🙂
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