4 Ways to Manage Your Child’s High Energy

It’s normal for kids to have seemingly boundless energy reserves. They’re quite curious about the world, so it’s not unusual for them to ask a lot of questions and try to touch anything and everything they encounter. Plus, kids tend to tire slowly and recover their spent energy rapidly. In fact, a 2018 research article published in the journal Frontiers found that the energy and fatigue rates of prepubescent children match those of well-trained adult endurance athletes. This only confirms what many parents already know about their children and their energy levels.

high energyBecause of all this, it can be quite tiring to help your kids use their energy productively. However,
leaving young children to their own devices for extended periods can get them in trouble. To keep up with your kids without exhausting yourself, consider adopting strategies that will empower your kids to use their high energy levels for the better. Here are some ideas you should try:

Enroll your kids in physically engaging programs.

You don’t need to manage energetic kids all by yourself and on your own. Remember that it’s an option to enroll your children in classes where professionals can help them channel their enthusiasm into productive activities. If your child has shown interest in sports, for example, you can sign them up for summer camps that focus on swimming, basketball, or volleyball. Alternatively, you can have them join bi-weekly jiu jitsu Manila classes for beginners or enroll them in after-school programs that focus on music, dance, and art. Aside from getting rid of their excess energy, the abovementioned programs will enable your kids to indulge in their interests, give them plenty of opportunities to interact with other people, and help them develop practical capabilities.

By enrolling your kids in one or more of these classes, you’re also equipping them with coping skills they need to manage their thoughts and feelings better. In case they grow bored in the future, for example, they know that practicing their new skills or hobbies is a healthy and productive way of spending their time and energy. Besides, introducing children to these interests can even spark a lifelong passion that will help them find direction later in life.

Let them enjoy unstructured physical activity.

Another way to help your child manage their energy is to set aside time and space for unstructured physical activity. Create an area where your kids can engage with their physical environment to their heart’s content. Do you have a small yard where your kids can run, jump, and spin around? If they’re feeling fidgety or just want to eliminate their pent-up energy, encourage them to use this space to play by themselves or with others. Better yet, you can join them there to create happy memories of playing and spending time together.

Create a quiet and peaceful environment in your home.

There’s always a possibility that your kids are restless because of the environment that they are in. Check if your home has features that can cause high levels of excitement among children, such as loud music, an explosion of colors, creaky doors and floors, or even frequently changing lights. If the people around your kids tend to fight or speak loudly, your kids can also emulate their manner of speaking.

You can help your kids calm down by turning your home into a more peaceful and quiet space. Perhaps you can contain the music in a single room, or paint your house in muted colors. You can also set up a quiet room where the colors are subdued and music is kept at a minimum. Here, everyone is expected to speak softly and slowly. You can use this space to read quietly together, do jigsaw puzzles, or maybe learn to fold paper cranes. Spending a short time in such a calming area can help even out your kids’ energy levels.

Focus on your kids’ positive behaviors to encourage them.

You can further encourage your kids to behave positively by giving them attention when they use their energy for productive or helpful activities. If they’re feeling restless, encourage them to use their time to sweep the floor, wash the dishes, or walk the dog. Then, let them know that you appreciate their effort. If you hear them trying to speak softly to others, do the same so that they know that you notice what they’re doing. Give them recognition if they’re keeping themselves engaged by reading a book, practicing their martial arts skills, or painting a picture. Doing these things consistently will give them confidence in their behavioral choices and empower them to channel their energy productively instead of acting out.

You can’t exactly control your child’s energy levels, but you can help them find ways to use this precious resource in a way that will be beneficial for them. See which of these strategies best fit you, your child, and your situation at home.

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