12 Gadgets of Christmas from Digits!

A little over a week ago, I braved the December traffic to join Digits Trading’s Christmas celebration at Hole in the Wall at Century City Mall. Digits’ top 12 best-selling gadgets for 2015 were unveiled. It was very timely since we’re currently shopping for gifts.

Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker
Braven Balance Bluetooth Speaker (P5,850)

You know we actually have this at home and my hubby LOVES it so much he showers with it, literally. He loves music and if it were up to him he’d have something playing 24/7. That said, the Braven Balance, a waterproof bluetooth speaker with amazingly clear audio and speaker phone capabilities (it’s the best for hands-free calls) is perfect for him.

Urbanears Plattan Wireless Headphones
Urbanears Plattan Adv Wireless Headphones (P4,850)

Urbanears Plattan Adv Wireless Headphones is perfect for that someone who likes to be immersed in whatever it is he or she is listening to in any situation. Since it’s wireless, you can pretty much get the full audio experience anytime and anywhere while doing anything.

Coloud Hoop Headphones
Coloud Hoop Headphones (P1,495)

Dust and sweat protected, these handy and lightweight earphones are designed for active people since they’re perfect for use while exercising.

Marshall Kilburn Speaker
Marshall Kilburn Speaker (P16,950)

Whoa. This is the ultimate portable bluetooth speaker. With a built-in battery which lasts up to 20 hours, the Marshall Kilburn Speaker guarantees superb audio quality in such a handy package. It even has a handle so you can tote it around easily.

Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones
Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones (P8,950)

OMG. These earphones are a whopping P9k. It’s because these micro-sized sweatproof buds deliver superior audio performance (calls and music) with the patented Secure Fit for ultimate comfort. The battery lasts for 8 hours too.

Soundfreaq Soundkick 2
Soundfreaq Sound Kick 2 (P4,950)

Water-resistant and splash-proof, this is yet another bluetooth speaker for sound enthusiasts. I actually took a unit home because I won one in the trivia game during the event. Hubby and I tried and tested this and the Braven Balance. This costs a bit less than Braven Balance but our vote goes to Braven in terms of audio quality. This one can play for up to 7 hours though.

Boostcase Gemstone Battery Case
Boostcase Gemstone Battery Case (P4,450)

Sleek and functional, a Boostcase is an iPhone case + battery (it adds 60% more juice to your iPhone) with drop protection. It’s like having a protective case and powerbank at the same time. It retails for US$99.50 in the US so our Philippine SRP of P4,450 is actually pretty good.

Nude Audio Super M Speaker
Nude Audio Super M Speaker (P4,550)

This is a high performance bluetooth speaker which fits into your back pocket (if you’re a man that is, I don’t think a woman’s back pocket can accommodate this). It’s got 8 hours of battery life and excellent sound quality, plus it’s both handy and durable.

RHA T20 In-Ear Headphones
RHA T20 In-Ear Headphones (P13,150)

Waaah if I thought Jaybird was shocking, this is even moreso… over P10k for headphones! I’m curious as to what it sounds like. Full product info at http://www.rha-audio.com/us/t20.html.

Scosche Magic Mount
Scosche Magic Mount Dash/Window (P1,295)

If you use Waze while you drive like I do, this is something you might need as it uses a magnetic mounting system to hold your device. At the moment, I actually HOLD my phone when I use Waze so I think I might need to get one for me.

Native Union Jump Cable
Native Union Jump Cable (P2,250)

This is actually an Apple charger — well it works as both a charging cable and a portable battery booster. You’ll never forget to charge it because it charges itself when you use it as a charging cable. The extra 800mah it provides is enough for an additional 3 hours of talk time or 2 hours of internet usage.

Momax Selfie Hero
Momax Selfie Hero (P1,750)

Everyone brought home a Momax Selfie Hero from the party yay! It’s a touch-less selfie pod with a multi-function bluetooth shutter which you can use to zoom in and out… or even control your music player. It comes in 3 bright and happy colors too. I got one in yellow! This is a great gift for people who like taking pics.

Braven, Urbanears, Coloud, Marshall, Jaybird, Soundfreaq, Boostcase, Nude Audio, RHA, Scosche, Native Union, and Momax products are available at Beyond The Box and Digital Walker.

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