Win P40,000 in CDO’s 40th Anniversary Promo!

If there’s one thing my hubby and I have in common it’s the fact that we both don’t cook. We’re both useless in the kitchen… and well well well, we both grew up having hot dogs in the freezer as emergency food. You know, the scenario when you go home and oops, there’s no more ulam. Or you’re a picky eater (I was as a child) and you don’t like everything served so they have to cook up something like hot dogs and egg just so you’d eat.

CDO 40th Anniversary Promo
CDO Cheesedog 500g (P94)

Yes, we still have hot dogs in the freezer. And yes, we still have those no ulam moments and times when the kids would just refuse to eat what’s on the table. One of our emergency rations is CDO Cheesedog. Even when frozen solid, these are easy to fry (or heat in the oven). They’re ready in a jiffy. In fact I surprised our cook by coming home for lunch and there was nothing prepared — she had a couple of these ready in less than 10 minutes. I think they’re pretty reasonably priced at P94 for 500g too.

CDO 40th Anniversary Promo

The CDO Cheesedog has that mild smoked flavor and tangy cheese bits. They’re good on their own, in a bun, or with some piping hot garlic rice… and perhaps an egg, lol. Just like old times. I prefer hot dogs that aren’t bright red because our pediatrician told me there’s less coloring.

CDO 40th Anniversary Promo

But wait — there’s more! CDO, maker of quality food products you most likely have in your kitchen (think hot dogs, cheesedogs, ham, bacon, burger patties, corned beef, meat loaf, and yes… even tuna, etc) is celebrating it’s 40th year in the industry with a generous promo where you can win P40,000 cash! Wow has it really been that long? I didn’t realize CDO and I are about the same age.

Joining is easy! Simply LIKE the CDO Foodsphere Facebook Page and upload your best family photo on your chosen social media account (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Caption your entry with a description of how CDO has been a part of your family and add the hashtag #CDO40Years.

Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Content Quality – 50%
  • Photo Creativity – 40%
  • No. of likes – 10%

One (1) grand prize winner will take home P40,000 while forty (40) consolation prize winners will get P2,000 GCs. That’s a lot of winners so there’s a big chance of winning! Even I want to join after reading about it. 😀

To check out CDO’s food products, log on to

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