#TeenWeekPH 2015 to empower more Filipino teens!

I may not be a teen anymore but I have a son who is one. He turned 14 this year. Teens today need all the confidence they can muster since there’s far more pressure to perform and be accepted these days. With social media being what it is, anything can go viral! That said, it’s even more important to look good and feel good. This is where #TeenWeekPH comes in — empowering teens to be the best they can be through workshops focused on good personal hygiene and personal development, both of which lead to self-confidence.

TeenWeekPH 2015

I was invited to the #TeenWeekPH 2015 press launch a couple of weeks ago.

TeenWeekPH 2015
Yardstick Coffee was set up like a classroom for the event.
TeenWeekPH 2015
Nicole Andersson was the host for the day.
TeenWeekPH 2015

Claudia Barretto was revealed as one of #TeenWeekPH 2015’s ambassadors. Claudia shared her favorite Teen Week PH quote: “Turn you can’ts into cans and your dreams into plans.

TeenWeekPH 2015

Verniece and Vern Enciso, also #TeenWeekPH 2015 ambassadors, talked about their closeness as sisters and how they’re each other’s best friend. Being there for each other helped them cope with things like bullying.

#TeenWeekPH was first launched back in 2013 and it’s now on its third year. #TeenWeekPH’s Teen Council, comprised of achievers like basketball player and entrepreneur Chris Tiu, multi-awarded volleyball player Alyssa Valdez, actor and dancer Enrique Gil, etc. will be touring schools in the Philippines to give Teen Talks on topics such as self-esteem, talent and confidence, dreams and ambitions. The week-long workshops will culminate in #TeenWeekPH Fairs to be held in key cities nationwide.

#TeenWeekPH ultimately aims to teach teens the importance of proper hygiene and personal development so they gain the confidence they need to take charge of their own future.

For more information and school tour schedules, log on to http://www.teenweekph.com/.

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