P488 Dads World Buffet Megamall Promo!

Last December, I had my first ever taste of Dads World Buffet. No, it wasn’t my first time at Dads SM Megamall. At the time, Dads SM Megamall had just been converted to Dads World Buffet, featuring well over a hundred dishes from different countries around the world. Anyhow before we make our round, I bring good news:

  1. Dads World Buffet SM Megamall (only Megamall) will be having a promo till the end of July — pay only P488 to enjoy the incredible selection of dishes from Mon-Fri lunch.
  2. All Dads branches (Glorietta, EDSA, Manila) have been converted to Dads World Buffet except West Avenue, but it will be by August 1, 2014.
Dads World Buffet Megamall

Okay, now that the announcements are done with, guess where I had lunch today with some of my blogger friends? Dads World Buffet in SM Megamall, of course! It was very timely because I wanted to check out the end of season sales at the Mega Fashion Hall.

Dads World Buffet Megamall

This time, I will focus on showing you buffet offerings which I didn’t post photos of in my previous Dads World Buffet post, like the US Roast Beef and New Zealand Leg of Lamb. I only had roast beef because I don’t eat lamb. 🙂

Dads World Buffet Megamall

There’s Oyster Rockefeller! Big oysters baked with cheese and cream sauce, yum! They keep replenishing the pans too.

Dads World Buffet Megamall

This is the Clambake. There are definitely a lot of seafood choices at Dads World Buffet.

Dads World Buffet Megamall
Thai Catfish Salad anyone?
Dads World Buffet Megamall
Lechon Kawali! I wanted to reach for those crispy pork rinds at the back.
Dads World Buffet Megamall
Sizzling Balut! I was too scared to try, lol.
Dads World Buffet Megamall

Bulalo! I love Bulalo. The soup is made more flavorful by the sweet corn. I like eating the veggies, not the bone marrow… I’m weird like that.

Dads World Buffet Megamall

I don’t think I can ever show you the entire sushi selection because there are over 70 kinds available.

Dads World Buffet Megamall
I loved the Japanese salads and appetizers like crispy dilis
Dads World Buffet Megamall

This was my first plate — Futo Maki, Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, Kani Crabstick, Waldorf salad, Baked Potato, Sweet Corn, Beef Churrasco, Dads US Ham, Crispy Dilis, and Kimchi. I didn’t take a photo of my second plate and my dessert plate.

Dads World Buffet Megamall

There are all kinds of fountain drinks — sodas, juices, different kinds of iced tea… but I had none of those. I mean, Dads World Buffet includes fresh fruit shakes so I had a mango shake and a watermelon shake instead.

Dads World Buffet Megamall

The max I eat do in a buffet is two plates that aren’t full and then it’s time for dessert. I saw lots of new cakes.

Dads World Buffet Megamall
But what I got was Ginataan and Puto Bumbong instead of cakes.
Dads World Buffet Megamall

I like how their fruit salad is comprised solely of fresh fruits. It’s healthier this way because there’s no additional sweeteners.

Aside from the dishes I highlighted (which don’t even make up a tenth of the spread), there’s a Japanese noodle station, pasta station, grilling station, ice cream station, and carving station.

Dads fills up super fast so I suggest going there as soon as the buffet opens at 11am if you’re aiming for lunch. Dinner starts at 6pm while the Merienda buffet is from 3pm-5pm.

Dads buffet rates are as follows:

  • Dads Lunch (Mon – Fri) – P688*
  • Dads Dinner (Mon – Fri) – P888*
  • Dads Lunch and Dinner (Weekends and Holidays) – P888*
  • Dads Merienda Buffet (from 3-5pm) – P258*

*Diners 70 years old and above get 50% off the buffet rates, just present a valid ID. Children below 3 ft. eat for free. Other kids will be charged according to height, they have a chart you can use at the venue. Those above 4 ft. tall are considered adults.

I want to go back before the month ends to avail of the P488 promo! Lol.

Dads World Buffet
4/F Bridgeway, SM Megamall,
EDSA, Mandaluyong City
636-3785 / 633-1758

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