Magnum Manila in SM Aura opens April 8

Sorry if I haven’t really been able to update as much, I’ve been coming home at 1am since Monday from my dad’s wake and I’m too tired to do anything else by then. I still have to get up early the next day to go to work simply because there’s no one else to fill in my place at the office. I quit my morning coffee habit some time ago but I’m at it again since I need the extra jolt.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Premier

Anyhow, I have good news for Magnum ice cream fans. Magnum Manila, a full-blown cafe, is opening on April 8, 2014 at the 5th level of SM Aura Premier (it’s on the same side as Ramen Nagi). I was invited to the media preview unfortunately I’ve cancelled all my non-work related events this week due to my dad’s passing so I won’t be able to see for myself. I snapped this photo much earlier on.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Premier

Magnum Manila is a cafe-type of place where you can make your own Magnum and get a customized treat. I got these photos from my Unilever friends’ social networking accounts since I can’t be there myself. This is Magnum Gold bar sprinkled with almonds, walnuts, and popcorn then drizzled with milk chocolate. Indulgence at its peak.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Premier

This is cheescake with Magnum ice cream, strawberries, plus pink and red Nerds candies.

Magnum Manila SM Aura Premier

You can make your own Magnum and discover 250,000 ways to indulge starting April 8, 2014. Magnum Manila Cafe will be open for 500 days only. Prices start at P100 for a Magnum bar and three toppings/add-ons of your choice. There will be regular food like pasta among other offerings too.

I’ll probably get some time off to drop by Magnum Manila after my dad’s interment.

First 500 to line up on April 8 will get to make their own Magnum for FREE!

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