Daniel Padilla for Oishi O, Wow!

Oishi, probably the Philippines’ most popular snack brand, celebrated its 40th birthday with a bang at the Skye Lounge early this afternoon.

Daniel Padilla Oishi O Wow

The party was hosted by RJ Ledesma and this DJ I forgot the name of, waaah (I don’t really listen to the radio except if its Friday Magic Madness at 89.9).

Daniel Padilla Oishi O Wow
It was really festive! Everyone was in a celebratory mood.
Ramon Bautista Oishi O Wow

The Oishi O Wow Team O ambassadors were called to the stage one by one, starting with Ramon Bautista. Their most unforgettable Oishi O Wow moments were shown on screen.

Slater Young Oishi O Wow
Slater Young was up next.
Elmo Magalona Oishi O Wow

Then Elmo Magalona. His video “Kaleidoscope World” in which he performed with his dad Francis M was shown.

Oishi O Wow Team O ambassadors
Slater, Ramon, and Elmo for Oishi O Wow Team O!
Oishi O Wow Team O ambassadors
Here’s more of Slater, Ramon, and Elmo.
Daniel Padilla for Oishi O Wow

Oishi then unveiled their latest Oishi O Wow Team O member, Daniel Padilla. After all the Team O members were formally introduced, we proceeded to form teams for the game.

Oishi O Wow

We got to be part of the green team, our team leader was star footballer James Younghusband. We had to go around six different stations, the team who completes all the challenges most quickly and accurately will win. The prize? P5k each for all the winning team’s members!

Oishi O Wow
James was a very hands-on, pro-active, and competitive leader!
Oishi O Wow

We were required to take a photo at each station and then post on Instagram with the hashtag #OishiOWow — it was part of the contest mechanics.

Oishi O Wow
We had to milk a fake cow for this challenge, lol!
Oishi O Wow

For the basketball challenge of course we chose James as our rep, haha.

Oishi O Wow

Last stop, Slater Young’s station! We almost won! We were told we lost to the winning group by just 3 points.

Daniel Padilla Oishi O Wow
Photo op with Daniel Padilla.
Oishi O Wow

We got to take home loads and loads of Oishi goodies! Thank you Oishi for a super fun afternoon! Happy 40th birthday Oishi, we are actually about the same age, hahaha.

Do you have an Oishi O Wow idea you’d like Elmo, Ramon, Slater, or Daniel to put into action? Just tweet it to @oishi_tweets with the hashtag #OishiOWow — for example “I’d like Ramon Bautista to be teacher for a day at my school! #OishiOWow”. Who knows? You might just get your wish and you’re guaranteed to go Oishi O Wow!

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