Award-winning sisig at Congo Grille!

I’m very picky about sisig. I don’t want it too moist, I’m particular about the smell, and I don’t like sisig that’s made purely of chopped pig ears, nose, and stuff like that. Given that, I was quite intrigued when Congo Grille invited Hearty, Mrs. Martinez, and myself to sample their famous Pork Sisig (and then some), which was hailed as the 2007 Sisig Festival Champ in Pampanga.

Cheese Sticks and Tex Mex Nachos at Congo GrilleWe started off with Cheese Sticks (pictured above left) and Tex Mex Nachos (P170, pictured above right). Strangely enough I didn’t find the Cheese Sticks in the menu, so I have no idea how much it costs. The crunchy, slightly spicy, and very flavorful Tex Mex Nachos was served with salsa on the side. These are great starters that get the table conversation going while you wait for the main dishes.

Bagoong Rice at Congo GrilleWe were asked for our choice of rice, to which I agreed to Bagoong Rice (P125, pictured above). There was also Congo Rice (P180) which was steamed rice coated in squid ink topped and with calamares. I’ve actually never had squid ink before so I tried one spoonful of the Congo Rice. I discovered squid ink has no taste. I think I prefer the Bagoong Rice.

Pork Sisig at Congo GrilleNext up was the much-awaited award-winning Pork Sisig. I squeezed the calamansi all over it and took a spoonful. It was delicious. Yes, it was moist, and normally I don’t like moist sisig but this one was crunchy at the same time. In fact it tasted quite a bit like chicharon. It was very good, and it’s now up there along with the only other sisig which I actually eat — Dencio’s.

Tuna Belly at Congo GrilleA 300g portion of Tuna Belly (P300, pictured above) was also served, along with a plate of Sizzling Stuffed Squid which I unfortunately failed to take a picture of. I loved the Sizzling Stuffed Squid. Grilled, sliced, and served with this stuffing made of diced onions, cheese (yes cheese!), bell peppers, and a little bits of squid — simply delicious!

Congo Mango at Congo GrilleOf course, no meal is complete without yummy desserts… Congo Mango (P85, pictured above) was brought out. Made of graham layers and cream infused with mango bits, it was lovely. The cream filling had the cold temperature and consistency of ice cream with the sweet-tangy flavor of ripe mangoes.

Frozen Maki at Congo GrilleFrozen Maki (P120, pictured above) is another unique dessert creation. Creamy vanilla ice cream is wrapped in frozen chocolate crepe and served with chocolate sauce on the side. I liked that it was not overly sweet.

Congo Grille also offers kiddie meals in its menu for family dining. The smoking area is fully enclosed while the non-smoking areas are very brightly lit and cheerful so it is rather conducive to wholesome family meals. For a complete list of branches, check out their website at

Congo Grille
Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Limbaga St., Quezon City
332-2193 or 94

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