Whisper plays truth or dare with Anne Curtis

I attended P&G’s press launch for its Whisper Cottony Clean variant last August 5, 2010 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel.

Sam Oh at Whisper Cottony Clean launch

The event was hosted by the perky Sam Oh, who I found to be such a nice girl. 🙂

Whisper Cottony Clean Press LaunchThere was an elaborate set-up which involved a giant wheel. We were asked to write questions with our names on small cards which we dropped into a fishbowl. Sam would pick cards out of the bowl and whoever called stands and spins the wheel. If the wheel stops at truth, Whisper Cottony Clean girl Anne Curtis would answer the question. If it stops at dare, she would do what is asked of her.

Anne Curtis for Whisper Cottony CleanMy name and question actually got fished out of the bowl. I spun the wheel and it landed on truth. I asked Anne who her favorite leading man is out of everyone she has ever worked with. She gamely admitted that Sam Milby has been the most fun. :p

Anne Curtis dares at the Whisper Cottony Clean launchAnne also got to do a few dares like dance to the tune of “Whisper Girl” (pictured above), play a game of Twister, and execute some challenging yoga poses. She did everything perfectly, which is how it’d be if you had the confidence brought about by using Whisper Cottony Clean. 🙂

Animetric, Earthlingorgeous, and Anne Curtis

Earthlingorgeous and I had a photo op with Anne Curtis afterwards. She’s very sweet and accommodating.
Whisper Cottony CleanI got to try Whisper Cottony Clean recently and I must say, I like it better than the Whisper Super Clean and Dry variant. It just feels more fresh and comfortable for me. I haven’t really used Whisper in a long time because I much prefer the cottony texture of another brand, but this could very well change that. A pack of 8 napkins cost only P30.25 so it’s also affordable. Here’s more good news — all Whisper variants now come a new channel design called Circles of Protection to protect against leakage. I can say firsthand that it really works! 😀
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