Watsons Vitamin Super Saver Sale!

Get your shopping carts ready as Watsons holds its first ever Vitamin Super Saver Sale from April 30 to May 2. Get as much as 50% off on vitamins from the biggest brands like Watsons, Poten-Cee, Enervon, Centrum, Conzace, Pedzinc, Neurobion, and more!

Watsons Vitamin Super Saver SaleWith savings of up to 50% on these brands and more, you and your family can bring home preferred vitamins without having to pay full price.

It has been more than a year since the pandemic hit our country. While this has compelled us to take our health more seriously, Watsons wants to remind Filipinos to continue taking precautionary measures. Measures like wearing face masks and washing hands regularly. We need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and sleeping well can help keep our defenses up so we can be better protected against the virus. Taking vitamins regularly further boosts our immune system too.

Committed to improving the health of Filipinos and ensuring that we not only look good but also feel great, Watsons offers a wide range of vitamins at more affordable prices through the Vitamin Super Saver Sale. This is happening from April 30 to May 2 only. For more info, visit https://www.watsons.com.ph/ or the nearest Watsons store. Shop now in any of Watsons 800+ stores nationwide, online via the website, or the mobile app. You can also use their Call & Delivery service.

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