Wafu Japanese Style Dining in Greenhills

Last Saturday, one of our high school friends celebrated his birthday at Wafu in Greenhills. It’s an upscale Japanese restaurant which boasts of teppanyaki cooked in semi-theatrical Benihana-style. Oh yes, the teppanyaki chefs at Wafu are such hams, they really put on a show every single time. Sorry I forgot to bring my camera again (when it’s a barkada gimmick I usually don’t lug around my cam because I have my cellphone) so we have to settle for the photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Wafu Greenhills
We got four tables like this one since some brought their kids along.
Wafu Greenhills

While waiting for everyone to arrive we ordered a few appetizers, starting with this Sashimi Salad (P411, pictured above). Thin slices of raw tuna, salmon, and some other fish were topped with a soft-boiled egg, some leafy greens, and then drizzled with a refreshingly citrusy vinaigrette dressing. Definitely nice and fresh, just the thing to whet your appetite for more Japanese dishes.

Wafu Greenhills

We had what looked and tasted like Salmon Roll, but don’t take my word for it because I forgot to ask my friend what it was much less look it up in the menu. It was good though, lol.

Wafu Greenhills

My discovery of the night was Chawan Mushi “Our Take” (P145, pictured above). This little cup of heaven contains smooth and creamy Japanese savory egg custard with grilled shrimps and candied walnut. OMG. It’s the best Chawan Mushi I’ve ever tasted. Incidentally, you can order it traditional style but I highly recommend trying this unique version.

Wafu Greenhills

We also had Combination Tempura (P411, pictured above). It consisted of lightly breaded shrimp, straw mushrooms, and other sliced veggies.

We got started with the teppanyaki as soon as everyone had arrived. First to be cooked was Teppanyaki Fried Rice. No idea how much it costs.

Wafu Greenhills

It’s pretty good! My hubby requested that his serving be cooked without butter and the chef obliged.

Wafu Greenhills

Then we had some Angus Ribeye (P1710, pictured above). I’m not sure how many pieces of Ribeye one set includes. It’s served with either house salad or miso soup, amuse bouche, vegetables, steamed rice, and dessert. The steak and the veggies are cooked together on the table.

Wafu Greenhills

It’s sliced and diced so the finished product is something like this. The beef is tender and tasty. I even enjoyed eating the beansprouts.

Wafu Greenhills
We also ordered a Seafood Set (P1690, pictured above).
It’s inclusive of 4 sea scallops, 4 prawns, and red snapper. Yum.

This is the dessert we got with the teppanyaki sets — coffee-flavored ice cream!

Good (but pricey) food, awesome interiors, and prompt service make Wafu worth a visit… and now is the perfect time because up until July 31, 2013, if you pay for your meal using Metrobank credit card, you get 40% off the bill (minimum P4,000 purchase). Luckily, one of our friends had a card when we dined there and so we were able to avail of the promo.

Wafu Japanese Style Dining
Greenhills Shopping Center (beside Gloriamaris)
Greenhills, San Juan City

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