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I recently posted about my first Uber car ride last July. I was very happy with my experience. I was lucky because I rode during non-peak hours and I got an economy car (Toyota Vios). Hence my base fare or flag down rate was only P40.

Uber X Manila

Uber Black is actually the original Uber service with P90 as the base fare or flag down rate. You can get virtually any car ranging from a normal sedan to a van to an SUV to a luxury car (Yup, I know people who’ve gotten an Uber ride via a Mercedes Benz, lol!).

Uber X Manila

Anyhow, Uber has recently introduced a different classification called Uber X. If both Uber Black and Uber X are available in your area when you call for a black car, you can choose which service you want although by default Uber will pick the cheaper alternative (Uber X). Uber X is basically a non-peak hour ride in an economy sedan like a Toyota Vios. It’s not always available, it depends where and what time you use the app. Yesterday, I was in Makati. I had a meeting at the Smart Tower. I drove to Makati but there’s no parking at Smart Tower so what I did was park at a mall and then I used the Uber app to call for a black car. Wow, it’s true what they say, Uber works FAST in Makati. I got a car in 5 minutes! A Toyota Vios driven by Jonathan arrived to take me to the Smart Tower.

Uber X Manila

Upon my confirmation, Jonathan promptly texted me for my exact location. He arrived in a jiffy. 🙂

Uber X Manila

The distance from the mall to the Smart Tower was around 1.8km. The cool, clean, and comfortable ride lasted 10 mins and my total bill amounted to P71.05.

Uber X Manila

From the Smart Tower, I had to go back to Greenbelt. Since there were so many cabs in front of the building, we (I was with 2 others this time) simply hopped into a taxi. The total charge upon arriving at Greenbelt was P68. It’s almost the same price as my Uber ride but the difference was we rode in a rickety taxi with insufficient air-conditioning and a defective door (we could not open the door from the inside, imagine how scary that is if you need to get out anytime!). It was not as clean as the Uber car too. Jeez. So this pretty much sums up why I always choose Uber over a taxi.

Uber Manila Experience

I highly encourage you to try out Uber. I mean, I have a car and I drive but the need for it still arises, lol. You can get P300 credit by using my code yetbk when you register for an UBER account after downloading the app. It’s a really awesome way to get to try the service for free! All you need to register for an account is a smartphone and a credit card.

FYI, this post is not sponsored by UBER in anyway.

UPDATE as of Mar. 1, 2015 – Free credits and referral credits have been reduced to P100 per sign-up by UBER.

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