The Downy Passion Challenge

I came home to this gift basket from Downy some days ago. It contained three scented candles, two towels, and an invitation to the upcoming product launch.

Downy Passion gift basketI’m supposed to use these towels for the Downy Passion Challenge that has been extended to a number of bloggers like myself. There are two challenges to complete. If I am successful at both, I will win one year’s supply of Downy Passion anad Attraction. That was enough to get me going, since we presently use Downy Antibac for laundry.

Towel 1 and Towel 2 of the Downy Passion Challenge
Towel 1 and Towel 2 unwrappedChallenge 1: Perfume or Fabcon Challenge

One of these towels has been sprinkled with perfume while the other has been washed with new Passion by Downy. Which is which?

Animetric’s answer: Towel #1 (on the left) was definitely washed with Downy Passion. Not only did it smell fresh and clean, it was a lot softer and fluffier (see above photo) compared to Towel #2 (on the right). I actually wanted to just keep on smelling it haha. I could NOT STAND smelling Towel #2. I’m not a fan of perfume and Towel #2 just reeked of perfume.

Lavender harvest

Image borrowed from
Challenge 2: Guess the Perfume Oils Challenge

Aside from Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, and soft musk, Passion by Downy also contains…

a. Cinnamon
b. Rose

c. Lavender
Animetric’s Answer: c. Lavender
Being a person who can’t stand most perfumes has its merits. While I pretty much feel like coughing at a whiff of most perfume blends, there are three scents that I can revel in and still have a pleasant time. Those three scents are Lavender, Tea (green tea, white tea… it doesn’t matter — my nose likes tea notes), and citrus notes (lemon, orange, etc.). Since tea and citrus notes aren’t really included in the choices, I therefore conclude Lavender!
I DESPISE the scent of roses so it’s next to impossible for Downy Passion to have it since I love its scent. I also went to the supermarket yesterday and grabbed a bottle of Downy Passion. I opened it and sniffed. No cinnamon notes as well, I think my vast experience with food helped me out with that conclusion.
I hope I got the two challenges right! I could sure use one year’s supply of Downy since it’s what I really use at home. 😀
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