Taking on the Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge!

I got this from Dove Philippines yesterday.

Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge KitSuddenly, I feel like Pandora. Who knows what revelations will come out once I open the box? But I’m not one to back down from a challenge and so…

Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge Kit…I accepted Dove’s 7 Day No Mirror Challenge. Armed with two Dove bars, a Flipcam, and a notebook I hereby agree not to look in a mirror for the next 7 days… 24/7. I will also wash my face with Dove twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Then I shall chronicle my no mirror adventures on video with the Flipcam.

Can I do it? I was so relieved that my friend frannywanny‘s wedding was last July 11, because I simply can’t NOT look in a mirror when I’m attending an evening reception. Then I suddenly remember that I have a PTC (Parent Teacher Conference) this Friday… and nobody shows up there looking dishevelled. Noooo! It’s been one year after my Shuji Kida Japanese Straightening treatment so my hair is now officially a pain to style.

Anyways, another challenge for me is taking videos. I hate taking videos. I don’t even own a camcorder. Surprise, surprise. Flipcam makes taking videos fun and easy. I actually enjoyed making my first Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge video this morning. Only the first day and a realization already. :p

And so with this I start the most un-narcissistic week of my life… wish me luck! Stay tuned as I post my progress with this challenge. :p

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