Switching to SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450!

People who know me would know that I’m a super practical person despite my penchant for the finer things in life like designer bags and expensive haircuts, lol. It’s just a matter of setting priorities. For example, you will most likely never see me pay P10k for a meal but I would gladly spend P10k on skincare products… or my hair, lol. I’m the type who would pick items with freebies attached when I go to the supermarket. My philosophy can be summarized in 3 words: value for money. That same philosophy applies to my choice of mobile phone plan.

Davines OI at Salon Beauvoir

As a blogger, I’m super active online. I’m always checking my email and social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I like sharing new discoveries, such as the Davines OI hair treatment I experienced last Saturday…

Mount Fuji Japan
…the first time I saw Mt. Fuji in Japan…
Yakult Beautiens
…the first time I encountered Yakult beauty products…

Ascott Makati Breakfast
…the wonderful breakfast I had at Ascott Makati…
Lego Minecraft Crafting Box
…the LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box I ordered for my daughter…
Katy Perry Live in Manila
…the Katy Perry concert I bought VIP tickets for…

Almost all our office staff use SUN too and I’m usually texting and calling them. I also get texts from people using different telcos every single day.

SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450
Drew Arellano for SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450

All that said, the SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450 is the best and most practical option for me. I need a plan that would let me call and text as I need plus give me some data allocation for my emails and social networking accounts. Since I’m usually either at home or in the office, I only need the mobile internet when I’m outside so the 20 hours of data included is actually workable for me. As if these inclusions weren’t enough, you get a free Android phone on top of everything. You get a choice between two dual sim models — Huawei Y600 or O+ 360 Alpha.

SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450

Compared to my previous mobile plan for which I paid around P800 a month for (P499 is the base price but you have to choose app packages for you to be able to use other services aside from call and text, plus I actually had to pay P1 for every single text even within the same network!), the SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450 definitely gives a whole lot more value for money. It’s really hands down the practical choice.

For more details about the SUN Postpaid Best Value Plan 450, log on to http://suncellular.com.ph/choosebetter.

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