SUN Todo IDD Tawag Abroad for P2 per minute!

When I first got a SUN Prepaid line over 5 years ago, one of the things I liked the most about it was the fact that I could talk to my mom who’s in the US for 22 minutes using a P100 SUN Prepaid Card. It was the best deal there was. After all, talking over the phone and hearing each other’s voice is still a lot more personal compared to typing on a screen to chat. Our calls were clear and uninterrupted, getting cut only when my load runs out. It was a far cry from the time I had to dial 108 to on my landline and go through an operator to make a long distance call. I couldn’t even do that on a regular basis because it was very expensive.

Sun Todo IDD Tawag Abroad

Needless to say I was very surprised with SUN’s latest IDD offer. With SUN’s current IDD rate of P2 per minute, I can talk to my mom for 50 minutes using the same P100 SUN Prepaid Card. I’m just so amazed that 5 years later, the cost of IDD calls to the US has decreased by more than half. The usual case with services is they get more expensive over time. Not with SUN. I know you’re probably thinking that with the advent of the internet (think Viber, Skype, Kakao, etc.) do you still need this? My answer is yes and I will cite a personal example. My lola, who is 80+ years old and also based in the US, is not into computers or technology and the only way we can communicate is through voice calls. She calls me from her landline using an IDD phone card and we talk. I do the same from my end here in Manila. With SUN’s P2/min IDD rate to the US, I can call her virtually any time and we can talk as much as we like. With SUN Todo IDD, there’s virtually nothing stopping us from connecting with our loved ones abroad. 😀

The bottomline is, you need not miss any important occasion or event because even across the miles, your loved ones are just a phone call away. 😀

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