Sun Life, your partner for life

Insurance is never a pleasant topic to discuss. After all, someone needs to get sick, die, or become incapacitated somehow for another to benefit. But is that really all there is to it?

Apparently not at Sun Life. When you avail of a Sun Life plan, the financial advisor who assists you becomes much more than an agent. He/she become your partner for life, advising you on the best course of action to take with regards to your funds. They really do help you manage your finances the best way possible.

Sunlife Partner for LifeI’m wary of agents because I feel that they’re always trying to sell me something. Watching and interacting with the Sun Life financial advisers Kristine Leechiu-Tan and Buena Elizondo-David, however, made me see Sun Life financial advisors in a different light.

In this video, Kay shares how her Sun Life financial advisor Kristine was able to help her with her finances during the pandemic. She had contemplated terminating her Sun Life plan because she could no longer keep up with the payments, but Kristine was able to show her how she could use her plan to tide her over and eventually be able to avail of the full benefit.

Like Kristine and Kay, Alpha shares how her Sun Life financial advisor Buena was able to help her during a challenging time in her life. Buena had suggested that Alpha add critical illness coverage to her plan so she would be prepared if ever she needed it. Alpha eventually got diagnosed with breast cancer but thanks to Buena, she was able to get all the treatments she needed without having to worry about how to pay for everything.

Sunlife Partner for LifeKristine and Buena are but two of many Sun Life financial advisors who take an active part in looking their client’s welfare. They help manage your funds so you can make the most of what you have. They have consistently shown that even in the dreariest times, Sun Life has got your back like a true partner for life.

sunlife_partner3Do you need help in managing your finances and securing your family’s future? You can connect with a Sun Life financial advisor at so that you too can find a partner for life just like Kay and Alpha. 🙂


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