Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food House

Whenever our cook takes the day off, hubby, the kids, and I almost always have lunch and dinner out. We make it a point to try something new so I can blog about it, lol. Last week, we found ourselves at Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food House in San Juan City. It’s a Taiwanese eatery which just opened recently.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseShuin The Smoked Chicken Food House is located right beside Serenitea in Little Baguio.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseThe place is pretty small. It’s usually packed full of people too. Each table is given a box of utensils, containing the exact number of spoons and forks for each person seated.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseHubby ordered Dumpling Noodle (P135). One serving of any of their noodle variants is big and can be shared, especially if you’re ordering other dishes. While the dumplings were really really delicious and tasty, the soup was bland and almost tasteless. You can add more noodles for P20 more but the soup cannot be refilled.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseI ordered Shuin’s bestseller, Pork Chop Rice (P130). You get a whole pork chop that’s breaded, peppered, and fried. But wait, there’s more… you can pick out two free side dishes too aside from the cup of steamed rice that comes with your order. There are several side dishes to choose from, anywhere from 6-8 at any given day. The pork chop is really flavorful and quite lean, cooked Taiwan style with lots of ground black pepper.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseYou will have to go over to the counter to pick out your side dishes. In case you want more than two, all you need to do is pay P20 per additional side dish. I picked Kikiam, Kiam Chai (Pickled Mustard Greens), and Chai Poh (Salted Radish Omelet). Everything was delicious! The Chai Poh’s unique taste and texture combination was especially memorable for me because it was milky, egg-y, and salty at the same time. Since I had three side dishes my steamed rice had to be served in a separate bowl. Both my kids followed suit and each ordered Pork Chop Rice. My daughter had Chai Poh x 2 as her side dishes while my son had Chai Poh and peppered corn on the cob.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseHubby also ordered another bestseller, Smoked Chicken Rice (P130). He said it was good overall but the chicken was a bit on the dry side. He got to pick two side dishes too (Chai Poh again lol and some tofu).

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food HouseFor dessert, hubby and I shared a Matcha Pudding (P45). It’s green tea custard topped with a light brown syrup. At first it tasted weird, but it kind of grows on you after a little while. Next time I think I will try their Panna Cotta.

I really enjoyed our dinner at Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food House. For P130, you can already have a full set meal consisting of rice, 2 side dishes, and a main viand (pork chop in my case). Considering that it’s all natural home-cooked food from scratch (not processed fast food fare), I can say that Shuin offers excellent value for money. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the San Juan area.

Shuin The Smoked Chicken Food House
J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio,
San Juan City

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