Sharetea is now in the Philippines! Yay!

When I was in Taiwan last December 2010, there was one tea place I got really addicted to. That was Sharetea. I always ordered their Milk Tea with Pearls. I loved how you could clearly taste the blend of brewed red tea and creamy milk. The chewy pearls were a bonus! 😀

Sharetea in San Juan, Metro ManilaAfter my Taiwan trip I got pretty jaded when it comes to milk tea. I could no longer stand drinks which came off as nothing but tea, powder flavoring, and syrup. You can tell if something is made of artificial stuff like that. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Sharetea store on the corner of Wilson St. and P. Guevarra in San Juan! Of course I had to give it a try. I told myself I would stop drinking milk tea in the last half of 2011 because I was horrendously overweight. I’ve managed to lose at least 7% body fat from mid-November until now so I think I deserve a reward, yes? 😀

Rock Salt Cheese Cream beverages at ShareteaHubby and I each ordered a large glass of Rock Salt Cheese Cream beverages. They look alike but on the left is actually Rock Salt Cheese with Red Tea while on the right is Rock Salt Cheese with Oolong Tea. Both cost P90 per glass for the large size and P80 for the regular size.

Rock Salt Cheese Cream at Sharetea in San Juan, Metro ManilaThe Rock Salt Cheese is a dollop of sweet and salty cream on top of your drink that’s topped with a bit of matcha (finely milled green tea). I always order this type of drink without the plastic cover so the glass is unsealed. This gives you a more pleasurable drinking experience because the tea passes through the cream topping allowing the flavors to merge beautifully by the time it reaches your mouth.
Rock Salt Cheese Cream beverages at ShareteaI prefer the Red Tea to Oolong Tea because Oolong has a slight bitter aftertaste. Both are good though. In fact I used to order Oolong all the time before I discovered the Red Tea variant of this drink.

Drinks at Sharetea in San Juan, Metro ManilaOn our next visit we tried three different drinks — from left to right: Taiwan Classic Pearl Milk Tea (P85 regular / P95 large), Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk (P90 regular / P100 large), and Wintermelon with Jelly Strips (P90 regular / P100 large).

Taiwan Classic Pearl Milk Tea at ShareteaThe Taiwan Classic Pearl Milk Tea is the same as the Milk Tea and Pearls I would always order in Taiwan. It tastes exactly the same — brewed red tea mixed with creamy milk and a scoopful of chewy pearls added in. I’m so amazed. Unfortunately I think I’ve outgrown pearls and so these days I always order Rock Salt Cheese Cream with either Red Tea or Oolong Tea and no pearls.

Wintermelon with Jelly Strips at ShareteaWe tried Wintermelon with Jelly Strips since it was marked as highly recommended. I order all our drinks at 30% sugar level since I can’t stand overly sweet food or drink. I think I can manage this drink with 0% sugar since it was still a tad too sweet at 30%. I really liked the smoky nutty flavor and aroma of wintermelon though. The jelly strips were something else too — they had the slightly sticky and chewy consistency of mochi which was really nice!

Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk at ShareteaGrass Jelly with Fresh Milk is something kids will enjoy. It actually tasted like a combination of fresh and evaporated milk plus the sweetness level you choose (next time I’ll go for 0% sugar but my children will probably prefer 30%). The grass jelly is very smooth so you won’t have any trouble slurping it through the provided straw.

Sharetea is officially my favorite milk tea place at the moment. I pretty much can’t stand everything else out there. Check out for their complete menu of drinks! I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that will pique your interest. 🙂

Wilson St. cor. P. Guevarra,
San Juan, Metro Manila
727-8888 (for delivery)
G/F D’ Ace Plaza
Pioneer St., Pasig City
654-5555 (for delivery)

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