WeTV Original – Section St. Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine

I first got wind of the WeTV Original Section St. Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine at the WeTV vitrual launch last year. The series premiered on WeTV last Jan. 15, 2021. New episodes drop every Friday at 7pm and there are currently two (2) episodes out. I got a preview of the pilot episode last Jan. 13 and I find it promising.

Section St. ValentineIt’s a new school year, and the students at the Manila International School are starting classes online because of the pandemic. However, when the teacher does the roll call, Divine Concepcion, the most popular girl is nowhere in sight. Where is she and what happened to her? This is what this WeTV Original is about.

Divine Concepcion, James Pasyon, Matthew Tagle, Anna Hizon, Brian Tenchavez, Valiant Gorospe, and Helena Montemayor are high school seniors at the Manila International School. Some are from rich influential families, while some are scholars… but they all have their own secrets to keep. Divine,

Anna, James and Matthew are all members of the film club. When she goes missing at the start of the year, they find themselves chasing down clues – trolling digital channels, social media, and joining
secret online meetings as they try to trace her whereabouts and discover the truth. The question is, will they find her before it’s too late. Or could one of them or their classmates be behind it all?

Section St. Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine features up and coming young actors who will show us what it’s like to live in the new normal.Leading the cast are Arielle Roces as the controversial Divine Concepcion, Royce Cabrera as James Pasyon, Jem Macatuno as Matthew Tagle, Aedel Peña as Anna Hizon, Raphael Robes as Brian Tenchavez, Polo Laurel as Valiant Gorospe, and Thamara Alexandria as Helena Montemayor.

You can stream this WeTV Original for FREE by downloading the WeTV app from the App Store and/or Google Play.

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