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When hubby and I first got married, one of the first things we did was subscribe to the Philippine Star. It was delivered every morning by the newsboy and we paid on a weekly basis. Fourteen years later, we still read the Philippine Star — albeit on our tablets and cellphones this time.

Philstar IOS App Store

I used to go to the Philstar website for news, but since the Philstar app was released I’ve been keeping myself updated with the latest developments live feeds downloaded directly to my iPad. I usually browse through the news over coffee in the morning after dropping off the kids at school.

Philstar IOS App Store

After downloading the app, a guide on how to use it is flashed onto the screen. Everything can be done with a swipe or a touch of your finger.

Philstar IOS App Store

After downloading, The Philippine Star is now accessible via your Newsstand on the iOS. All you have to do is click on it to read the paper. 🙂

Philstar IOS App Store

This version of The Philippine Star is very convenient because you can refresh and download the latest news simply by touching the round arrow icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. It will bring you the latest headlines using your internet connection. For example, looking at the headlines, I want to read about the casualties from typhoon Glenda. I simply click on the title of the article and voila…

Philstar IOS App Store
I get access to the full news story!
Philstar IOS App Store

Clicking on the three lines on the upper left hand corner of the screen will bring up the menu. You can choose which section of the paper you want to access from here. You can also choose to browse through the print version, search, adjust your settings, or subscribe to the paper. Subscription rates are as follows:

  • US$ 2.99 for 7 days
  • US$ 6.99 for 1 month

There’s a free trial period of up to 14 days to help you decide if you want to subscribe.

Philstar IOS App Store

Let’s look at the Lifestyle section. All I have to do is click on Lifestyle on the menu. Love it! I used to have to practically take the paper apart just to find the Lifestyle section.

Philstar IOS App Store

For those of you who prefer to read The Philippine Star in its print format, you can do so by downloading the PDF version of it.

Philstar IOS App Store
You can even download the print version of The Philippine Star’s back issues!

Hubby and I have been using the Philstar app for a while now and we’re really happy with it! News gets updated 24/7 so we’re always in touch with what’s happening around us.

Why we like the Philstar App:

  • News is updated regularly throughout the day.
  • It’s very convenient being able to read the paper from our iPads anytime anywhere.
  • No more newsprint stains on our hands when browsing through the paper!
  • It saves the trees and the environment because we don’t need to use paper anymore.

The Philippine Star is available for download for the iOS from the App Store.

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