Pho 24 Ayala Triangle Gardens

After desserts at Banapple, our Ayala Triangle Gardens food tour continued on to BonChon Chicken which I had already blogged about some time ago. So now I’ll just proceed to our last stop, which was Pho 24. It’s my first time to dine at Pho 24 so I was quite looking forward to it. 😀

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensIf you’ve wondered about the name Pho 24 (pronounced as “Fa”) like I have, we were told that 24 is indicative of the number of hours the broth used for all the noodles is boiled.

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle Gardens
We were served Goi Cuon (P118, pictured above), or Fresh Spring Rolls, upon being seated. I liked that it was really very fresh and practically grease-free, filled with crisp vegetables, glass noodles, and steamed chicken tidbits. You dip it in the vinegar-based sauce that’s served on the side. Just goes to show that healthy can be yummy.Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensWe also got to try Deep Fried Spring Rolls (P118, pictured above). It’s served hot and crispy, filled with mostly ground meat inside. Good, but I prefer the clean taste of the Fresh Spring Rolls.
Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensFor the main course, we had Pho Dac Biet Special Noodle Soup (P168, pictured above). It’s a big bowl of rice noodles with beef tenderloin, brisket, tripe, and muscle. I enjoyed its natural taste.

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensWe were advised to have the noodle soup with the condiments served on the side consisting of minced chili peppers, lime slices, bean sprouts, parsley, chopped white onions, and unknown green leaves (sorry I forgot to ask exactly what the big leaves were). They also suggested adding chili sauce and bean paste which were also on the table.

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle Gardens
After the meal, we were all served freshly brewed Vietnamese Coffee (P68, pictured above). You can have it either hot or iced. I opted for hot coffee since I wanted something to help all the food go down.

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensThis is a type of coffee filter called Phin. It brews coffee one cup at a time and it sits on top of the cup as shown in my earlier photo.

Pho 24 Ayala Triangle GardensYou have to mix the hot coffee prior to drinking since there’s condensed milk underneath. The taste is deep, rich, and creamy. Just a tad too sweet for me though, but then I have lower tolerance for sweetness compared to most people. It was very comforting to sip nonetheless. 🙂

The classy interiors will give you the impression that it’s an expensive place but it’s not. Prices are very very reasonable considering the above average serving sizes and the food quality.

Pho 24
Ayala Triangle Gardens,
Paseo de Roxas, Makati City

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