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If there’s one brand that’s much raved about on Shopee, it’s Locaupin. I’ve been seeing and reading about Locaupin hauls on Facebook a lot and I’ve been curious about their products. They’re famous for storage solutions that help keep your home organized. I’ve been browsing through their Shopee store and my gosh it’s like falling into a rabbit hole. It’s quite impossible not to add something to cart.

LocaupinCheck out these airtight containers! I have so many loose items in plastic bags with clips which is kind of a hassle. These transparent containers make it easier to see what’s stored where, taking away all the guesswork. They look so much better than plastic bags too.

LocaupinLocaupin also has bamboo lid glass jars in case you want a different aesthetic. As you can see, both types of containers come in different sizes so you can store a variety of items. If you fancy double wall cups, they have those too.

LocaupinNow this is something I actually already have in my cart — the Locaupin portable step stool. We have very high cabinets I can’t reach without stepping on a regular stool which I have to get all the way from the kitchen. This is lightweight and folds up nicely so I can probably keep it in our room. It’s safer too since it has steps to help you go up and down, unlike standing on an actual stool. I also wanted their salad spinner but it went out of stock even before the sale.

Locaupin items will be up to 80% off this 1.1 so add those home solutions to cart now! I’m waiting for the portable step stool to go down to P862 before I check it out.

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