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I should warn you this early that this is going to be quite a lengthy post, but it’s one that will be well worth your while because I will be sharing not only the good news about Nivea’s Pure and Natural line but a few products as well. Just hang on tight and you will get a chance to try these goodies for yourself. 😀

Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewAs most of you already know by now I’m a mom to two wonderful kids. Whenever I buy things for their use or consumption, the health aspect is always a primary consideration. Thus when I received some samples from Nivea’s Pure & Natural line, I was excited to see a pack of Nivea Baby Pure & Natural wipes.

Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewAccording to the package, Nivea Baby Pure & Natural wipes have no parabens (which can cause cancer), no alcohol (so it’s not drying), no perfume (so it’s less likely to cause allergies), and is made with organic chamomile. It’s 100% biodegradable too and it’s flushable for greater convenience.

Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewI was impressed by how thick and sturdy a single wipe was. There’s a faint plant-like and grassy smell but that’s about it. It’s not overly wet too — it has just the right level of moisture.
Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewMy son pulled at both ends of a single wipe and it would not break apart. It just stretched. It’s that durable!

Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewI’m very happy with its cleaning power too. My daughter came home from school with marker strokes all over her hands.

Nivea Pure and Natural Wipes ReviewI used a wipe to remove them and it was very effective, so it’s definitely nice to tote around in your bag for quick, easy, and safe cleaning. A pack of Nivea Baby Pure & Natural wipes costs P150 and contains 50 pieces.

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantApart from the wipes, Nivea Pure & Natural has three types of deodorant. Since it’s so hot here in our country it’s kind of inevitable for me to use deodorants in order to prevent embarrassing stains on my clothes. Just like the baby wipes, the deodorants are free of parabens. They also contain 0% aluminum salts so they won’t clog pores. Since all of them are colorless, they won’t leave white marks on your dark-colored clothes too. This is definitely good news for me because as it is we’re already exposed to way too many harmful chemicals for our own good.

Nivea Pure and Natural Deodorant SprayThe first variant is the Nivea Pure & Natural Deodorant Spray. Personally I like the spray type best. There’s minimal skin contact and there’s almost no drying time needed after application making it ideal when you’re in a hurry. A 150ml spray costs P170.

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantThe next variant is the Nivea Pure & Natural roll-on deodorant. This is the type I like least no matter what brand I try. :p

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantYou have this ball on top of the bottle which you literally roll so that the liquid product can be dispensed.

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantI don’t like roll-ons because they go on wet and I have to wait a bit before they completely dry. This one isn’t bad though because as you can see it goes on clear. The main advantage of roll-ons is the fact they are usually priced the lowest. Case in point, the Nivea Pure & Natural roll-on deodorant costs P50 for 25ml and P89 for 50ml.

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantLast but not least is the Nivea Pure & Natural deodorant stick. If deodorant spray is not available then this is the type I would go for.

Nivea Pure and Natural Deodorant

Nivea Pure & Natural deodorant stick is solid.

Nivea Pure and Natural DeodorantLike the roll-on, you rub it onto your skin. A solid stick has the advantage of going on drier compared to the roll-on though. A 40ml Nivea Pure and Natural deodrant stick costs P155.

All three variants are scented with the essence of Jasmine. I’m not big on floral scents and so I’m kind of wishing that they just retained the plant-y grassy aroma of the baby wipes. It’s not a big deal though because after application you can’t really smell your underarm area anymore, hehe. 😀

Nivea Pure and NaturalSo… would you like to try some Nivea Pure & Natural products? Nivea was generous enough to give me a whole lot of samples and I’d like to share them with you. In light of recent events concerning DTI permits and what-not I’d like to make it clear that I am not required by Nivea to hold a contest and it is entirely my decision to share their gifts with my blog readers. That said, this is definitely not a commercial venture. :p

Ahem. Two of you will be taking home a Nivea gift pack containing their latest products:

  • Nivea Pure & Natural deodorant spray
  • Nivea Baby Pure & Natural baby wipes
  • Nivea Express Hydration lotion (product review to follow okay?)

Anyone with a valid Philippine address can join since I will ship the gifts to you. Okay, so how do we determine who’ll be getting these gifts? The two most convincing or creative answers to the question “Why do you want to try Nivea Pure & Natural products?” will be the lucky recipients. Before anything else don’t forget to drop by and like Nivea Philippines’ FB Fan Page at They have lots of cool activities going on where you can score even more freebies! :p

Two ways of posting your answer:

  • Share on Facebook.

    Click on the Share button on top of this post. On the blank box above the title of the blog post, tag Animetric’s World and complete the sentence “Animetric’s World, I want to try Nivea Pure & Natural products because _____________________________”. Example: “@Animetric’s World, want to try Nivea Pure & Natural products because I believe that natural is always best.”.

    To tag, type in the “@” symbol then follow it with the word “Animetric” This will prompt a drop-down menu box which will present you “Animetric’s World”. Click that and you should see “Animetric’s World” become a blue link. After completing the sentence, click the Share. Make sure your profile is set to everyone or else your entry won’t appear on my FB page.

  • Tweet your entry on Twitter.

    Twitter entries must use this format: @animetric I want to try Nivea Pure & Natural products because I believe natural is always best! (sample entry)

Choose just one way of answering the question (either FB or Twitter) and then post the url of your FB post or Tweet on the comments section with your name and email address below so I can check. It’s that easy! You have until August 25, 2011 to answer. I’ll pick the best answers by month end.

Nivea Pure and Natural products are available at leading department stores and drugstores nationwide.

Nivea Pure and Natural
Congratulations Joanna Lim and Janine Monasterial! You each get a Nivea gift pack!

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