My Pink Wasabi Kashi Maki

Having spent last weekend at Bellevue Hotel for a staycation with blogger friends was definitely the highlight of my holiday season 2013. I was sick for days before that and Saturday was the first time I was out of the house since the 23rd.

My Pink WasabiAnyhow, I received a very interesting gift during my stay at Bellevue Manila  — a box of My Pink Wasabi Kashi Maki. Kashi Maki is a sweet hand-rolled cake crafted to look like sushi. It’s actually not my first time to encounter My Pink Wasabi. I tasted my first Kashi Maki at Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test a couple of years back.

My Pink WasabiDon’t they look perfectly decadent? Each one has spongy cake in the middle (either with filling or without) wrapped in a thin sheet of chocolate (dark, milk, or white) and then topped with edible decorative little things like candy sprinkles, mini marshmallows, nuts, sesame seeds, etc. depending on the flavor.

My Pink WasabiI was given a 18-pc set of My Pink Wasabi Kashi Maki. One such box even comes with a pair of silver chopsticks! How cute and quaint!

My Pink WasabiI got a total of 13 flavors: Amarula, Chocnut, Nutella Sesame, Cinnamon, Oolong Berry, Coconut Dream, Murphy’s Law, White Matcha, Coffee Kahlua, Midnight Mint, Cookie Kiss, Pop Secret, and Neptune’s Weed.

My Pink WasabiI’ve tried a few pieces and my favorites so far are Coconut Dream (white one with pistachio nut on top) and Cinnamon (topped with toasted mini marshmallows). According to the description, Coconut Dream is pistachio cake with coconut white chocolate ganache wrapped in white chocolate and topped with a pistachio nut. Cinnamon is almond cake, cinnamon milk chocolate ganache with Malagos cocoa nibs, milk chocolate wrap and roasted marshmallows topping.

My Pink WasabiThey’re really too pretty to touch! They definitely make an impressive gift.

A box of 18 pcs like this one costs P540. A box of 9 costs P280 while a box of 4 costs P140. If you want your foodie gift to stand out, give a box of My Pink Wasabi. 😀

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