Mentholatum Lip Ice Review

Dry, chapped lips are a constant problem for me and I only have myself to blame. I don’t drink enough water, although I’m trying my best to remedy that by bringing my own tumbler to work.
Mentholatum Lip Ice ReviewThat said, I always have lip balm stashed in my bag. My latest find is Lip Ice by Mentholatum. It’s actually not new to me because I’ve bought this brand in my past Hong Kong trips. The cute packaging and pastel colors caught my eye, plus it contains the magic word “ice”. I’m just happy that it’s now available in the Philippines for a reasonable P89.75 per stick!
Lip Ice by Mentholatum ReviewMentholatum Lip Ice ReviewYes, it’s so hot in the Philippines that I am definitely attracted to anything with ice. Mentholatum Lip Ice comes in so many yummy flavors I found it hard to decide which one to use first. There’s Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Apple, and Black Currant. Finally I decided to go for Black Currant because it’s quite an uncommon flavor for lip balm.
Lip Ice by Mentholatum ReviewLip Ice’s fruit-flavored lip balm is clear and colorless. The scent is lip-smackingly delicious. My daughter couldn’t stop smelling it that she actually got some on her nose. It goes on smoothly on your lips and there’s that unmistakable tingle of ice. It feels cool and minty while having SPF 15 — perfect for this super hot summer!
Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color ReviewMy favorite Lip Ice product though is Lip Ice Sheer Color. It comes in either Strawberry or a Fragrance Free variant. It retails for a reasonable P145 per stick.

Lip Ice Sheer Color by Mentholatum Review

I love yummy scents so I immediately opened the Strawberry pack.

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color ReviewI love the slim, sleek, yet cute pastel pink stick. The product starts out colorless then it turns into your own unique rosy shade when you put it on your lips. That said, the shade you will see on my lips won’t necessarily be the same as the one which will appear on yours. 🙂

Animetric with no lip balm

So these are my lips au naturel, with no lip balm whatsoever.

Animetric with Lip Ice Sheer ColorThese are my lips after putting on Lip Ice Sheer Color by Mentholatum. I got a coral pink shade that looks very natural, as if I just put on colorless lip balm. I don’t really like the thick feel of most lipsticks for everyday use so Lip Ice Sheer Color is definitely going into my bag for me to tote around. The only downside is there is no SPF, so it’s not really made for activities which require extended outdoor exposure.

Why I love Lip Ice:

  • I love the cooling sensation.
  • It’s so affordable.
  • The scents are so yummy!
  • There are many variants to choose from.
  • The packaging is so so so cute. So Japanese. I’m a Japan-o-phile. It was inevitable. XD

Lip Ice by Mentholatum is available in all Watson’s and SM Department Stores nationwide.

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