McDonald’s McSpicy now in the Philippines!

Last June 11, I was invited to a rather mysterious product preview at McDonald’s Blue Ridge. The only clue was it was something that would spice up my day. By now you probably already know it’s McDonald’s McSpicy!

McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

When I got there, there were bowls lined up on the table which had me thinking they were launching chili, lol. After we were given the go-signal to go up to the second floor, that’s when I saw the McSpicy logos. Hamburglar was he first to greet me, which was fitting since the new product is a burger, albeit not beef.

McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

Without much ado, we were each served our very own McSpicy Sandwich. I really enjoy eating spicy food so I was quite excited!

McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

Whoa! I was amazed by how awesomely big McSpicy was! The patty is made of whole chicken meat (it’s technically not a patty but actual fried chicken), spiced up just right so it’s hot but not so much so that you’d need to chug down insane amounts of beverages just to keep eating. I could go on munching on it with just an occasionally sip of cold soda or juice in between bites. It’s crunchy outside, juicy inside, and boneless… which is just the way I like my chicken. Sandwiched in between soft sesame seed buns and then garnished with lettuce and mayo, it’s perfect! Yum! Aaaargh, I got myself craving for it by writing this post. XD

McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

I was able to get a hold of Ronald for a photo op. My last photo with him was taken more than 25 lbs. ago during McDonald’s 30th anniversary so I just had to have this shot, lol.

McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

McDonald’s McSpicy is available a la carte at all McDonald’s stores for P80 starting today, June 13, 2013. Pair it with regular fries and drink for only P115 or enjoy it with medium fries and drink for P135.
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As if photos weren’t enough to whet your appetite, here’s the TVC:

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