Lunch with the Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challengers

I had a lovely lunch with fellow Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challengers at Madison in Greenbelt 5 last July 22, 2010.

Dove display at Madison GrillIt was Dove’s way of showing their appreciation for those who participated. I loved the product displays, I want to try the Beauty Moisture line sometime — preferably when the drier -ber months come rolling by.

Dove 7 Day No Mirror ChallengersFour high-profile challengers were unveiled, namely TV host Lexi Schulze, fashion model Raya Mananquil, career woman Erin Campos, and sports personality Mel Lozano. The four women shared their Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge videos and experiences with us.

Noemi Dado and Cecile Van Straten or ChuvanessI was seated with Noemi and Chuvaness as we were among the five bloggers who took the Dove 7 Day No Mirror Challenge. Phoebe couldn’t make it and Sasha arrived after the event. About ten traditional media people from different publications also took the challenge. We all shared what we learned via an open forum. Chuvaness readily admitted that the longest she could go on without a mirror was six hours but she really really loves Dove and has been using it since the 90’s.

Dessert at Madison

Stories were exchanged over good food. It was a very intimate and relaxing event without too many frills and formalities. 🙂

Dove Beauty BarAs for me, I had gotten so used to avoiding the mirror that I automatically did so even after the 7th day. The habit stuck. It took me a day to re-adjust and not look away from the mirror every time I’d go to our bathroom. I was also surprised that my Dove bar still looked as good as new after a full week of using it to wash my face twice a day. I was told that it had been reformulated from the Dove I knew when I was younger, the Dove that would melt into a creamy puddle when left sitting in a dish even with just a bit of water.

Washing my face with DoveI captured the photo above from one of my early morning face-washing videos during the challenge. I wake up at 5:45am everyday so I look like a zombie. Like everyone who took the challenge, I have my own realizations:

  1. I can actually live without a mirror, but that would mean never putting on make-up again and living in a ponytail for the rest of my life. Hey, that’s no fun…!
  2. I didn’t miss the mirror during ordinary days, just days when I had events like parties, reunions, parent-teacher conferences, and the like.
  3. I felt no different about myself even when I spent a week not looking in a mirror. I would just wonder at the back of my mind if I looked okay. The challenge was actually easier than I thought it would be since I’m not really the type who would obsess endlessly about how I look.
  4. Dove makes my face feel just right — not overly taut and dry, not overly moisturized. It’s just really balanced that way. I’m still using it. But I still need my best deep cleansing exfoliator — the Neutrogena Wave! :p
  5. Beauty bloggers are really reassuring companions to any event, haha. I felt quite out-of-place at the Sunsilk Co-Creations Launch but my beauty blogger friends kept saying I looked fine despite being amidst a sea of well-coiffed and fully made up people almost all of whom were dressed-to-kill.
  6. I hate taking videos and I was actually worried more about the video aspect rather than the no mirrors side of the challenge. I’ve never understood the appeal of video cams but I was surprised to find that it’s actually fun taking videos with a Flipcam. 😀
Thank you Dove for letting me be a part of this! It was quite an experience and one that I might not have gone through on my own.
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