Love those yummy KFC BBQ Rods!

I’ve been ordering the 3-piece KFC BBQ Rods Meal during the last four times I’ve visited KFC. I think it has become my favorite. I even had it delivered at home when our cook took the day off.
KFC BBQ Rods MealThe KFC BBQ Rods Meal comes with either 2 or 3 sticks of crunchy skewered chicken drizzled with barbecue sauce, a serving of java rice, and a drink. The 3-piece meal I always order costs P95. I even choose Lipton Iced Tea as my beverage. I don’t get charged extra for doing so, unlike other places which make you pay an additional P10 to switch from soda to iced tea.

KFC BBQ Rods Meal

Personally, I prefer boneless chicken. It’s very convenient, especially for busy people like me who have to do so many things and be in so many places everyday.


KFC BBQ Rods give me the best of everything. It’s crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and it doesn’t have any bones that I have to contend with. The barbecue sauce it’s glazed with possess the distinct flavor of peanuts — it’s sooo good especially when paired with the java rice. I’m so addicted. I can eat the yummy chicken off the stick with ease so it makes for a quick and delicious meal. In fact, I just had it again earlier today when I was on the road and stopped for an early lunch.

You can actually try the KFC BBQ Rods on a per stick basis for P25 each. Visit KFC today if you haven’t done so yet! 😀
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