Lorenzo’s Way Greenbelt 5 Review

I had dinner with some high school friends at a swank Filipino restaurant called Lorenzo’s Way in Greenbelt 5 a few weeks ago. Lorenzo’s Way is brought to us by the LJC Restaurant Group, the driving force behind Pinoy classics like Cafe Adriatico and Bistro Remedios, as well as new favorites like Abe and Fely J.

Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5 ReviewWe had Bamboo Rice (P240, pictured above and below), which according to the menu is from Abe. It had a very nice aroma as it was laid down our table. It also gets plus points for presentation.

Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5 ReviewBamboo Rice is actually fried rice with bamboo shoots, shrimps, chicken, and wood ear mushrooms. It smelled nice and it tasted okay. Nothing really memorable but okay. The rice had a sticky quality that’s not usual of fried rice and I think it’s better that way.

Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5 ReviewThen we had Beef Ribs Ninja (P475, pictured above). I found it expensive for such a small dish that tastes like regular beef cooked in soy sauce and brown sugar. Again, nothing special.

Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5 ReviewWhat’s a hearty Filipino meal without good old Crispy Pata right? And so we had Knockout Knuckles (P595, pictured above) which is good for four people. It comes right out of Bistro Remedios’ menu. I liked that it was garlicky and the pork skin was crunchy. The meat was a bit on the dry side though but nothing a dip into the sauce won’t remedy.

Lorenzo's Way Greenbelt 5 ReviewThen there was Binukadkad na Pla-Pla (P385, pictured above). It’s deep fried whole tilapia which is sliced in such a freaky way. It’s so scary I almost did not have any but then I can’t very well blog about it without having a taste, right? That dipping sauce thing on the side is actually Pampanga-style fermented rice or “balo-balo” with mustard leaves. This is a dish that’s also from Bistro Remedios’ menu. I had a tiny bit of fish dipped in “balo-balo” and well… it was okay I guess. Not a fan of scary fish so it’s not a fair assessment.

All in all it was an okay dining experience. It’s not something I’m likely to keep coming back for though.

Lorenzo’s Way
G/F Greenbelt 5,
Ayala Center, Makati City

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