Last chance to get P200 credit from Uber!

I’ve blogged about Uber a few times in the past. It’s a car and driver service that has become an indispensable part of my life. I drive everyday but sometimes it’s just more convenient to have a driver, especially when there’s no parking at the destination! But both hubby and I drive so it’s not practical for us to hire a permanent driver. With Uber we have an on call car and driver. There’s no limit to where and when we can go. Like for example, hubby and I used to go super early to Chinese association parties just to ensure that we can park. We end up waiting for hours before anything happens. Nowadays we just Uber to the party venue, right about the time when it’s starting so no more idle time.

free Uber credit

Just yesterday I used Uber again to attend a meeting at a place with no parking. Uber has really made my life so much more convenient.

When Uber started here in Manila, you could enter a code and get P500 free credits to try the service for free. When I discovered Uber, codes would yield P300 free credits. Now it’s down to P200. Well, I just got an e-mail from Uber Manila and come March 1, it’s going to go down to just P100.

free Uber credit

If you still have not tried Uber, download it now and get your P200 free credit by clicking on the Uber logo on the top lefthand corner of the app. You’ll pull up the menu. Click on Promotions and enter my promo code yetbk to instantly get P200 free credit you can use to ride. If you look at my Uber receipt (first photo above), you’ll see that one 15-minute 3km ride costs less than P90 so yes, the P200 free credit will definitely come in handy. By March 1, it’s going to go down to P100 so better get P200 now!

My hubby and I have actually used Uber with our kids. It’s that safe — we would actually ride with our children. Uber is a great alternative to hiring a driver on a permanent basis especially if you don’t need one to drive you around every single day.

This post is brought to you by me. Yes, me. Lol, I’m not being compensated by Uber in any way… the service is just super useful to me so I’d like to help keep it alive by spreading the word.

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