La Piadina at Glorietta 4 Review

I had lunch with my hubby and kids at La Piadina after we watched the Yogi Bear 3D premiere last Jan. 23, 2011 in Glorietta 4.

La Piadina in Glorietta 4 ReviewWithout further ado, let’s go straight to what we had for lunch… hehe. My son ordered Piadina Padana (P200, pictured above and below). I was surprised that it came with a big bowl of creamy squash soup.

La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewPiadina Padana is flatbread filled with chopped sausage, Spanish Chorizo, mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese. It’s very tasty. 😀

La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewThen as per my daughter’s request we ordered a whole La Pizza al Quattro Formaggi (P350, pictured above) or four cheese pizza. There were eight slices in all and it was really good. The crust is thin, freshly-baked, and not greasy and the cheeses all blended together very well.
La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewWe also had Gnocchi di Patate con Crema di Gorgonzola (P300, pictured above). Fresh homemade potato dumplings in creamy Gorgonzola cheese sauce. My mouth is watering as I type this description. XD

La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewFor our main dish, we decided on La Spianata (P520, pictured above). It’s basically thinly sliced beef marinated with fresh herbs and what tasted like the slightest hint of wine and balsamic vinegar.

La Piadina Glorietta 4 Review

It’s served with roasted potatoes and button mushrooms in buttery cream sauce too — delicious!

La Piadina Glorietta 4 Review

The beef was very aromatic and flavorful.

La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewSince the beef was very tender, juicy, and easy-to-eat, our kids liked it despite the more mature herb-and-wine taste.

La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewFor dessert we had Panna Cotta (P100, pictured above). It’s served with chocolate sauce on top. I want to savor its pure milky goodness so next time I will tell them to hold the sauce.
La Piadina Glorietta 4 ReviewIt was creamy and dreamy nonetheless. You can just tell they used all the best ingredients to make it. So smooth, rich, and most importantly, not overly sweet. It’s the perfect Panna Cotta if there ever was one.

I love La Piadina’s painstakingly prepared and freshly cooked food in general. Almost everything is made from scratch. You can really taste the difference.

La Piadina (La Cucina Regionale Italiana)
2/F Glorietta 4 (across Jollibee)
Ayala Center, Makati City

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