Kleenfant, the safe and affordable baby brand

I’ve been seeing Kleenfant on social media a lot. The brand aims to provide quality consumable baby products that are affordable and safe. They are formulated with natural ingredients which are safe for baby’s sensitive skin. Guess what — they have an official store on Shopee so it’s easier than ever to find them!

KleenfantDo you sometimes feel a slight stinging sensation when you wear your clothes? We experience this when the detergent or fabric conditioner we’re using is too harsh. Kleenfant has both laundry detergent and fabcon that are extra gentle on the skin and on fabrics. They effectively remove milk stains and dirt while being gentle on the hands. These have no harmful ingredients like bleach, dyes, phospates, and parabens. For P399 you can already get a set of two 1-liter bottles. You can also purchase the fabcon separately.

KleenfantWhen my children were babies, we only had diaper cream and baby powder for rash prevention so this Kleenfant Diaper Changing Spray is new to me. This spray cleans the skin and prevents dryness. You can use it on the diaper area, hands, feet… anywhere that gets dirty. It’s formulated with Tea Tree Extract and Aloe Vera among other natural and safe ingredients.

KleenfantKleenfant also has Happy Tummy Massage Oil and Bedtime Massage Oil. Happy Tummy Massage Oil helps relieve babies’ gassy tummies (an alternative to the aceite manzanilla which our pediatrician actually doesn’t like because it can burn the skin). Meanwhile Bedtime Massage Oil helps them sleep better. Both are formulated with natural plant oils.

KleenfantThey also have Kleenfant Baby Scent Scented Baby Wipes which are actually made in Korea. These are alcohol-free and hypoallergenic so they’re safe for baby.

All of the above products are actually not just for baby, they can be used by adults too! Check out their official store on Shopee.

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