Keirra and the White Forest Cake

One day, a little girl named Keirra was dreaming of cake. She didn’t want just any cake. She wanted something special… but she didn’t know exactly what that special cake was!

Keirra dreams of cakeLucky for her, a fairy came along. She was a good fairy, and she liked making children happy by granting their wishes. She waved her tiny little wand and POOF! Puffs of colored smoke filled the table. Keirra smiled excitedly. She didn’t know what kind of surprise the fairy had for her.

Keirra and the Red Ribbon White Forest CakeOh wow! After the smoke cleared there was a yummy-looking cake with lots of cherries on top in front of Keirra. It was called the White Forest Cake. It was covered with white chocolate pieces and inside was soft vanilla chiffon with even more cherries in between layers. Keirra was giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to take a bite.

Keirra and the Red Ribbon White Forest CakeMommy sliced the cake so Keirra could eat. It was delicious, just like how she dreamed her special cake would be. But the fairy had already disappeared, so Keirra asked mom if she could ever have another cake like this again. Mom told her that all they had to do was drive to the nearest Red Ribbon branch to get another White Forest Cake. This one is a birthday gift from the fairy, since Keirra turns 5 this very day.

Thank you Red Ribbon for making Keirra’s birthday a truly special day! There may not have been a fairy, but there definitely was magic in the way the White Forest Cake put a big smile on my little girl’s lips. And that is just priceless.

Happy 5th Birthday Kei!

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