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My mom moved to the US when I was 10 years old. Weird, right? My childhood hasn’t exactly been normal. Back in the early 80’s very few kids had parents who separated and I was one of the few. There were a lot of plans — my sister and I were supposed to follow suit but things didn’t go as planned and by the time we were set to go, I was already 18 and in the middle of my college education in the Ateneo. I no longer wanted to abandon my life here. There were many critics about responsible parenting on my mom’s part. You see it’s so easy to be judgmental when you’re not in the picture. It was simple really — my mom and dad’s marriage was not working out and my mom wanted a better life for herself and her children (my sister and I)… she thought the three of us moving to the US was the answer. Actually, a lot of people up until today think going abroad is the answer to life’s problems.

Mom with her grandchildren at Robinsons Magnolia

My mom has been based in the US for over two decades already. I remember how we used to communicate once a month or less via PLDT’s International Long Distance. I had to dial “108”, talk to an operator, who in turn would “connect” me to my mom’s US number. There were also letters via snail mail. I think it would take a month for one letter to reach the US and vice-versa. It was not easy keeping in touch and I remember calling long distance cost a lot so we couldn’t do it too often.

Pamana ni Nanay
Mom and me at Bonifacio High Street

I’m still amazed at how far technology has advanced. Nowadays, anyone anywhere in the world is just an app and an internet connection away. I say this because whenever I want to see my mom and my relatives in the US, all I have to do is get my cellphone and turn on Skype so we can all see each other and talk. Best of all, there’s no limit because it all falls under our monthly PLDT Home DSL subscription fee. We can share so many more things this way compared to the conventional voice call. For things like this, a stable and fast internet connection is a must. We switched to PLDT Home DSL a few years back and we are still happy with the service. I can truly say that all of these technological advances has brought us closer to our loved ones abroad.

But that’s not where it ends. We’re still reaping the benefits of the continuing advancements when it comes to the internet and technology. PLDT’s newest offering is the FamCam — you can avail of it if you’re subscribed to PLDT Home DSL Plan 1299 or higher. The FamCam lets you remotely monitor your home and family. Imagine if we had something like this back in the 80s… my mom and I wouldn’t have missed out on a lot of things.

PLDT Home Ask Diego

Incidentally, PLDT’s “Project Evolution” and “Ask Diego” campaigns won awards under the Branded Communications: Responsible Parenting category in this year’s recently concluded Araw Awards. 🙂

PLDT EVP and head of HOME business Ariel Fermin (above left)
and PLDT VP and head of HOME Marketing Gary Dujali (above right).

The Araw Awards is an award-giving body dedicated to values in advertising and marketing communications. This reflects the social responsibility through the promotion of positive values and basic ideals of the rich Filipino cultural heritage such as family unit, national pride, respect for elders, relationship with God, and others. The Araw Awards 2014 generated a total of 387 entries, and the winning entries were awarded at the Dolphy Theatre of ABS-CBN. The ceremony was graced by the country’s top advertisers, agencies, and celebrities. Log on to for the full story.
Don’t forget to connect to your loved ones across the miles this holiday season! It’s now easier than it has ever been. 🙂

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