Join the Dove #IamBeautiful Movement!

It’s true. Majority of the women in the Philippines don’t think they’re beautiful… only 7% do, 93% don’t. I’m inclined to believe I’m part of the 93%.

Dove #IamBeautiful Movement

Part of the 93% because I’ve always classified myself as… may itsura (roughly translates to “above average looks” in English).

Dove #IamBeautiful Movement

Growing up, I was never the pretty one. It had always been my younger sister ever since we were little girls (she’s beside me in the rare photo of my siblings and I above taken back in 2012). People were always telling us how beautiful she was and how she could go on to become a child star (in fact at one point back in the early 80’s she was being recruited to play a role in the hit soap opera “Annaliza” starring Julie Vega). Perhaps that’s why I grew up to become the uber vain skin care nazi that I am today.

Oh it’s not just me. Watch this video and see for yourself. Filipinas in general have a hard time finding things to like about themselves. I don’t go as far as that because when asked what my most beautiful body part is I would probably say something like my skin… or my eyes… or my teeth rather quickly. LOL.

Dove #IamBeautiful Movement

Dove believes every single one of us is beautiful. They want to us to believe that too. They want to change the number, make the 7% go higher. Be part of the #IamBeautiful movement… log on to to find out how.

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