Izumi Curry and Grill at The Podium

Last last Saturday, I dropped by the Dove’s Beautiful Mom event at the Podium. Hubby and I decided to have lunch there since it wasn’t practical to transfer to another mall just to eat. We searched high and low (literally, since we went around different floors) for a restaurant we haven’t yet tried.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

We discovered Izumi Curry and Grill on the 5th floor. Hubby and I have an affinity for all things Japanese and taking a closer look at the place, we discovered it’s a franchise. Izumi Curry can be found not only in Japan and Manila but also in Hong Kong. So this was where lunch was going to be.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

The place is oddly-shaped — narrow and then if you go inside, it becomes triangular.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

It was pretty relaxed since only one other table had occupants when we came in.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

We ordered Mixed Green Salad (P220, pictured above). It was served with Japanese vinaigrette and sesame dressing on the side. The salad was comprised of chopped cabbage, sliced tomato, sliced hard-boiled egg, and sweet corn kernels. I really liked the sesame dressing, it seemed to have been made with peanuts too. Overall though, I felt that Mixed Green Salad was glorified chopped cabbage, kind of like what they serve with tonkatsu.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

Hubby ordered Ebi Fry Don (P350, pictured above). Steamed rice is drenched with a light sweet sauce flavored with dashi, soy sauce, and mirin then topped with breaded shrimp. I thought it was delicious.

Izumi Curry and Grill The Podium

I ordered the dish marked as the bestseller in Japan — Megabeef Steak Curry (P350, pictured above). It’s a thick hamburger steak served over deliciously sticky Japanese rice then topped with curry sauce and gooey melted cheese. According to the menu, Izumi Curry’s curry sauce takes at least 7 hours to prepare. It’s slow cooked with a variety of spice and vegetables, and it’s evident in the curry sauce’s rich flavor. The sauce and the rice were soooo good, unfortunately, the ground beef used in the burger steak wasn’t up to par. I ended up eating mostly the rice, the cheese, and the curry.

My order was so big I couldn’t finish it so I didn’t bother ordering dessert anymore. Overall, my experience at Izumi Curry was so-so. Food is okay in general but I don’t see myself hankering for more, prices are above average, and service is prompt and polite. Our daughter loves Japanese curry though so chances are we’ll be back with the kids.

Izumi Curry and Grill
5/F The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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