Is this going to be the end of blog giveaways?

Okay, I was supposed to post about Starbucks’ delicious new lunch sandwiches but something more pressing came up. Anyway please read on…

Dear Readers,

Before anything else, I just want to say that I really do enjoy hosting giveaways for all of you even if I am NOT PAID to do so. In fact, as much as I can I allow everyone from all corners of the Philippines to join because I usually ship prizes to the winners at MY OWN EXPENSE. The only time I restrict to Metro Manila residents only is when the sponsor is the one doing the prize distribution.

Why am I bringing this up now? Well, a blogger has recently announced that bloggers (i.e. regular people like myself) NEED to get DTI Permits to hold blog contests. You can see her post for yourself HERE.
Applying for a DTI permit entails a tedious multiple step process:
DTI Permit Application ProcessThere are fees to pay based on the coverage and the value of the prizes at stake. Then there’s the application itself. One would need a Mayor’s Permit to apply for a DTI Permit. Seeing as I am not a company but merely a regular person who wants to give away stuff from MY OWN STASH from time to time, why would I need a Mayor’s Permit? I have no business permit to renew. My blog is not a company or business… there are no sales transactions or purchase requirements… so Mayor’s Permit for what? To be myself?

I’m NOT even earning anything from giving away stuff. In fact, I actually SPEND for shipping. I don’t even have any merchandise for sale so in effect I am not even holding a sales promotion. So… why??? Am I not allowed to gift my readers with tokens of appreciation? I can’t afford to give every single site visitor something and so I have to find a way to decide who’s going to get the gift right?

Last I heard DTI has yet to clarify and issue an official statement on this matter. So for now everything seems to be on hold. Or maybe I should give away some stuff while there’s still time. :p

Let me know what you think of this okay? I for one think it’s PURE AND UTTER FOOLISHNESS.

I just want to add: The sad part is, people who consider themselves bloggers were the very ones who got the DTI started on this –

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