Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review + Giveaway!

I first encountered Girlstuff Nail Polish back in 2011. I have very short and stubby nails so doing my nails is an activity I rarely engage in, lol!

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

BUT… a recent nail polish innovation really caught my interest. So this morning, I will be reviewing Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish! The shade I’m holding here is Ice Queen.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

With every purchase of Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish, you get a small bar-shaped magnet to use with it. It’s the first time I’m trying out something like this!

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

This is how Ice Queen looks without being exposed to the magnet. It’s a metallic silver bluish gray shade that looks very edgy and high-tech.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

In order to take advantage of the nail polish’s magnetic properties, you will have to put this magnet on top of your nail right after you apply the polish. The polish should still be wet. You have to hold the magnet as close as possible to the nail surface covered with wet polish without them touching each other. It’s kind of tricky but you can do it with a bit of practice. I had to ask my daughter to take the photo above since I had no more free hands, lol.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

After 10 seconds or so of holding the magnet on top of your nail polish, a specific design will appear. Ice Queen will give you diagonal stripes like in the photo above.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

I don’t know the first thing about nail art so this works for me. Sorry about my messy application. I’m not nearly as good with nail polish as I am with make-up, lol.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

If you put on a thicker coat of polish, the glitter, color, and design will be more pronounced. Please excuse my short stubby nails. I don’t like them either, hahaha.

Girlstuff Magnetic Nail Polish Review

So anyway, the nice people at Girlstuff have some goodies for my readers too! I will be giving away this Girlstuff gift pack containing a complete nail care kit and seven (7) bottles of nail polish including a Magnetic Nail Polish featuring a different color and design from the one I reviewed above. Just follow the mechanics below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be drawn via raffle so the more entries you earn, the more chances of winning. I will ship the prize to any address in the Philippines.

Girlstuff has kiosks in:

  • SM Mall of Asia (2nd Floor near Cinema)
  • SM North EDSA Annex (Ground Floor, in front of Dairy Queen)

You can also find Girlstuff at SM Department Store (Children’s Accessories) and
Rustans Department Store (Children’s Accessories).

Congratulations Krisanne Bunyi! You’ve won a Girlstuff Gift Pack! I will get in touch with you via e-mail.

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