Gift Suggestion: Whipple pastry decorating toys!

Last October, one of the best birthday gifts my daughter received was a Whipple Standard Set. She was very excited about it as the packaging implied that she could create a variety of cakes and pastries with the set.

Whipple Standard Set reviewI actually saw this toy for the first time when we went to Japan back in 2008. Even if it took a few years, I’m glad it’s readily available here in Manila now. 😀

Whipple Standard SetWhipple Standard Set has everything you need to create yummy and realistic looking sweets. There’s a pastry bag filled with icing, a practice board (so you can learn how to do different icing designs), fruit pieces, glittery beads, cake layers, and even chocolate pieces.

Whipple Standard Set reviewThis is the practice board. You can change the sheet (there are several) so you learn how to frost your pastries in different ways.

Whipple Standard Set reviewMy daughter had a lot of fun decorating cakes and pastries. It’s kind of hard to do properly though so I suggest practicing a lot.

Whipple Standard Set reviewWhipple Standard SetI helped my daughter make all these, hehe. It was kind of tricky even for me, a full-fledged adult. The icing has the sticky consistency of glue so have a lot of wipes handy when you play with Whipple.

Whipple is meant for older kids (at least 7 years old). Even an adult would enjoy it actually. You can turn your creations into keychains too — just make sure to let them dry overnight. The icing is not edible so do tell your child not to try to taste it. It melts with water so if you make a mistake just put it under running water to soften and dissolve. 🙂

Whipple is available in smaller sets starting at P500+. This particular set costs around P1,200. Whipple is sold in Toy Kingdom, Toys R’ Us, and other leading toy stores / department stores. Icing refills, extra fruits, etc can be purchased too.

I actually bought several sets to give as gifts this Christmas. 😀

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