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Last year, I sold a 12-year old Honda Civic in less than 48 hours via OLX. I was kind of iffy when I posted it, I didn’t really know if there was going to be anyone interested in cars over ten years old. To my surprise, I got a barrage of inquiries via text, email, and the reply section of my ad within a couple of hours after posting. The car was sold the very next day. There were still so many interested parties asking about it even after it was sold so I promptly took down the ad.

OLX free Philippine online classifiedsI had such a good experience with OLX that I offered to help my friend sell his 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser via OLX’s classified ads. I told him there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose. OLX is free, easy-to-use, convenient, and effective. People search the internet for just about everything these days. If you have something to sell, it’s really the place to be.

OLX free Philippine online classifiedsYou can upload several photos of whatever it is you’re selling or offering too. Viewers can browse through the photos and look at it from different angles. Aside from posting used car ads, I also post real estate ads for condo and dorm rentals via OLX and they have been just as effective.

OLX online classified ads are also categorized by area. For sale Quezon City? Makati City? Caloocan City? Wherever you are, OLX has your area in a subcategory which will make it easier for potential customers to zero in on you.

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