Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant Review

I bought discounted vouchers from Groupon Philippines for Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant a few months ago and was able to use it recently when hubby and I went out for lunch.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant ReviewI’ve always wondered about Finio because I always see it whenever I pass by Tomas Morato.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant ReviewI decided to order Bagnet Ensalada (P248, pictured above) as our appetizer. Lechon kawali pieces, organic lettuce, green mango slices, and tomato wedges are served with bagoong balayan on the side. The veggies are fresh and crisp but I thought the bagoong balayan was not a suitable dressing for the salad. It was very very salty while the mangoes were just too sour.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant ReviewBoth my hubby and I picked Pork Barbecue (P148, pictured above) as our main course. We agreed that it was yummy. The pork barbecue is surprisingly lean, tasty, and very easy to eat. It’s served with a cup of java rice and some peanut-based sauce similar to Aristocrat’s / Alex III’s.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant ReviewFor dessert we had Finio Halo-Halo (P98, pictured above) which is toted as good for sharing in the menu.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant ReviewIt’s a big bowl of crushed ice topped with macapuno (sweet coconut), leche flan (custard), different types of beans, pandan jelly, and a scoop of ube ice cream. You pour in the small glass of evaporated milk and then dig in!

Our lunch at Finio was pleasant, quick, and reasonably priced… not really special but okay.

Finio Modern Pinoy Restaurant
220 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City

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