Figaro Herbal Blends for your cup of tea!

This is a super mega-delayed post since I actually attended this event last June 25, 2011… more than one whole month ago! Problem was I lacked info and product details and I just got them a few days back. Anyhow, I think the timing is perfect since there is nothing like a hot cup of soothing herbal tea on a cold, stormy night like this. 🙂

Figaro Herbal Blends TeaLast June 25, Figaro formally launched its tea line called Figaro Herbal Blends. I was given four paper cups and four tea bags so I could sample all four variants. Hot water was poured into each cup as I steeped one bag after another.

Figaro Herbal Blends TeaThe most memorable blend for me was Banaba. Banaba blend is infused with tarragon, anise, and grapes believed to have cleansing abilities that can lower the blood sugar level of diabetics. That is good news for me since my father’s side of the family is diabetic.

Figaro Herbal Blends TeaBanaba blend has a purplish hue which is probably because of the grapes. It’s pretty nice and easy to drink.
Figaro Herbal Blends TeaThis golden tea is the Lagundi blend. It’s infused with mint and orange. This is believed to be effective against the common cough, pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, and bronchial asthma.

Figaro Herbal Blends TeaOkay… this is what happens when you accidentally break the tea bag like I did. No, I did not attempt to drink it, I just steeped a fresh bag into another cup of hot water… hahahaha!

Anyhow for the last two blends we have:

  • Figaro Sambong Blend – This is infused with lemon and basil. It is believed to be a diuretic agent effective in dissolving kidney stones.
  • Figaro Pito Pito – Infused with dill and mango, this is a combination of seven dried herbs ad plants: alagaw, banaba, bayabas, pandan, and mangga with half a teaspoon each of anise and cilantro. It’s supposed to be a cure-all for both young and old. I was surprised to learn that the late Ernie Baron was the one who originally concocted it.

Figaro Herbal Blends are sold in boxes of 15 tea bags at P450 per box. That’s P30 per bag… and there I was puncturing bags (I accidentally ripped up two in the tasting process I think) offhandedly. I was kind of surprised at the pricing but you can’t put a premium on health, right? Personally, I’d go for Banaba because of my diabetic family background. 🙂

Figaro Herbal Blends are available at all Figaro branches.

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