Environmentally friendly deliveries with KFC e-bikes

KFC launches its latest breakthrough by changing the way they deliver food. The newest fleet of electronic bicycles (e-bikes) is joining KFC’s delivery force. The brand has partnered with one of the leading foreign electric vehicle providers to assemble top-class KFC e-bikes for our delivery heroes. With pilot tests in parts of Metro Manila, these e-bikes have started their safe and smooth operations early August.

KFC e-bikesThese KFC e-bikes promote environmentally safe practices such as reducing toxic emissions and noise pollution brought about by operating traditional motorcycles. There has undoubtedly been an exponential increase in deliveries due to the ongoing pandemic. KFC has responded by shifting to cleaner, more eco-friendly delivery alternatives that support the green movement. This is good news considering how much more waste we are generating due to mask use and food deliveries (plastic containers and packaging materials).

“We are very excited and proud to be rolling out this initiative,” says KFC Philippines Chief Operations Officer Ms. Jojo Marcelo. “Although we only have a few branches adapting this new ‘clean’ delivery system so far, we look forward to rolling this out in more stores. If this proves to be an even better alternative to how we usually do our deliveries, it would be trailblazing for KFC to pioneer the Philippines’ first pro-environment QSR delivery service.”

KFC continues to adapt, innovate, and bring only the best service to its loyal fans and avid consumers. Have you had KFC delivery lately? Watch out for your next one and check if it’s an e-bike coming to your home with your KFC favorites in tow. 🙂

For deliveries, contact 8887-8888, visit kfc.com.ph, or download the KFC app from the App Store https://apple.co/2BFAug or Google Play https://bit.ly/KFCPHAppAndroid. You may also follow @kfcphilippines on Facebook and Instagram for real-time updates!

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