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I started having problematic hair when I was about 12. I don’t know what happened. I was born with straight black hair which fell flat on my forehead and back, but somehow things changed when I reached my adolescent years. Suddenly I found myself with wavy, unmanageable, and coarse hair which was impossible to style.

This is me without straightening!I resorted to blowdrying and/or ironing (yes, I was already ironing back in the 1980’s and the photo above shows my hair when it’s not straightened circa 2009… ugh!). Then I discovered straightening. I used to go to this barber shop which was famous for straightening hair. They used very strong chemicals to kill all natural curls and waves. I got stick straight hair after, but it was very badly damaged. It became rough in terms of texture. There were times when I swear I could fold the strands and hear a “crunch”. Dry, coarse, and just plain badly damaged, my hair lost all movement. It looked like a helmet made of walis tingting (a type of broom). Such was the extent of my hair problems, to the point that I became obsessive with hair products — especially shampoos and conditioners. I just couldn’t live without any form of chemical straightening anymore (thank goodness for rebonding!) so my hair needs all the help it can get.

Animetric's pre-haircut look

My hair care obsession is fueled by the fact that I’m always looking for the perfect shampoo and conditioner for my rebonded hair (photo above was taken a little under a year after rebonding, circa 2010). I want something that can make it soft, smooth, and shiny. Whether in the Philippines or abroad, I always have the tendency to grab all the products marked “for dry, damaged hair” on the shelves. But with so many shampoos out there in the market, it’s not very efficient to buy each brand and then test. I only have one head of hair and my finances are not infinite. I start to think that there must be a better way than this!

mystery shampoo blind test Thanks to the powers of the internet, I discovered The blind test was conducted among 660 women in India and Thailand just last June to August 2010. The women were given a mystery shampoo to use and a whopping 91% responded that they wanted to use it again. Could this be the answer to my hair woes? Hmmm… I’ll find out soon enough.

Animetric's present hair
What about you? What is your toughest hair problem?

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